Exclusive Starter Pack
Exclusive Starter Pack

Take the helm of the legendary battleship Dreadnought or Charleston — a sturdy cruiser with impressive firepower! Also includes a week of Premium Account for maximum comfort.

Exclusive Starter Pack


The first of its kind, the Royal Navy's Dreadnought revolutionized the history of shipbuilding. HMS Dreadnought far outmatched all of her predecessors in terms of size and firepower.
In the game, as is typical of lower-tier battleships, she sails at an unhurried pace and cannot boast ideal ballistics or gun arrangement. However, owing to the large caliber of Dreadnought's main guns, the ship can pose a real threat to enemy cruisers.

Key features

  • Ten 305 mm main guns placed in five twin turrets. Normal firing range: 13.7 km; rate of fire: 2 shots per minute
  • Numerous small-caliber secondary battery guns that have a high rate of fire, but a short range of only 3 km
  • Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage


Charleston is an American St. Louis-class cruiser. This large cruiser with moderate speed, a large pool of HP, and numerous main guns, is perfectly suited to causing some impressive damage in battle. Due to the above-average number of guns for her tier, the ship stands as a hazardous opponent for ships of any type.

Key features

  • Fourteen 152 mm guns. Standard reload time—9 seconds; firing range—12.4 km
  • A handsome pool of 29,500 HP
  • She earns more credits per battle, and has a camouflage that adds a 50% XP bonus per battle and reduces the cost of the ship's post-battle service by 10%

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by Rob Zacny
8.3 / 10
“Scoring a hit with World of Warships' big floating guns feels great, and teamwork pays off big.”
The Escapist
by Marshall Lemon
“With its tense naval battles and huge array of historical vessels, World of Warships is the free-to-play MMO that can make a wargamer out of anyone.”
PC Invasion
by Matt Simpson
8 / 10
“This new installment from Wargaming is a breath of fresh air. The gameplay may seem slow for newcomers, but in the end you will likely sink hours into this game without even realising it.”
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