ZUBASH is a physics action game blending "cooperation x battle". Experience unique gameplay, strategies of betrayal, and physics-driven miraculous plays. It's a user-friendly game perfect for fun times with friends and family.

Parkour and obstacle race combined in "ZUBASH! is a hands-on action game reminiscent of the famous Japanese TV show "Takeshi's Castle"

Enjoy it with your family and friends!
Note: It only works with XInput gamepads and supports local multiplayer.

◆ Physics-based action through office buildings

Players race through treacherous office buildings to reach the goal. Points are awarded for reaching the goal first or kicking other players off the building. Use the available gadgets and physics effects to gather more points than anyone else!

◆ Co-op and versus play combined!?

”ZUBASH!” is a physics-based action game that combines "co-op" and "versus" play in three rounds. Playing styles change throughout the game.
In the beginning, players work together to create platforms and reach the goal in a "co-op game". In the end, it turns into a "versus game" where players compete to earn points.
Depending on who you're playing with, you can choose to focus on co-op or versus play. Have fun playing the way that suits you and your friends, family, or whoever you're playing with!
Let's have a blast with ”ZUBASH!” with your friends and family!

◆ Presented at various events!

”ZUBASH!” is currently under development with repeated pre-playtests. It is regularly updated with new gadgets and features. Experience play events are also held at various events. Check Twitter and other websites for the latest information.
※ Here's how the game looks when being played at Indie Games Connect 2023.

◆ Selected as a recommended game for May 2023 by Shueisha Game Creators Camp.

”ZUBASH!” has received high praise from users for its unique gameplay and unpredictable action based on physics simulation.

Selected as a recommended game for May 2023 by Shueisha Game Creators Camp.

The ”ZUBASH!” development team is actively involved in various activities and values interaction with users.
Let's create the ultimate game that you can have a blast with your friends and family together with the ”ZUBASH!” development team!
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Available Achievements

Item Carrier
10 XP
Item Carrier
40 XP
Item Carrier
10 XP
Item Carrier
20 XP
Item Carrier
20 XP

ZUBASH System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUi5 4690k
CPUi5 9400F
Storage237 MB
Storage237 MB
Additional input deviceGamepad
Additional NotesIt only works with gamepads and supports local multiplayer.
Login Accounts Required
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Languages Supported
  • Audio: Japanese, English
  • Text: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Arabic, Italian, French, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Thai, Turkish, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil)
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