Edición Standard de MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Advanced Inner Sphere weapons. Compatible with Yet Another Mechlab or vanilla game. V2.1 for game version 1.1.355 / DLC6 Use Bobbert's ModOptions to set mod's settings in-game. YAML Discord https://discord.gg/YetAnotherMW5Server
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Yet Another Weapon

Advanced Inner Sphere weapons and equipment up to 3070.
For details about changes, please see the readme file within the mod folder or the Changelog on Nexus.
Note: config settings have been moved to Mod Options (game.ini). You will have to set them to your liking. From now on, you'll need Bobbert's ModOptions mod to edit them in-game.
MML Ammo Switch is default keyboard 'K'
LBX mode switch requires Yet Another Mechlab.

Recommended to use with

TableTopRulez_ AI Mod
Mod Options

Nexus mod page

Weapon list and introduction dates 1:

RISC Hyper Laser: 3134
ASRMs, MagShot Gauss: 3072
ER Flamers: 3070
Gatling, Light, Heavy MGs, MG Arrays, Light Autocannons, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Flamer, MMLs: 3068
Snub-Nose, Light, Heavy PPCs and Capacitor variants: 3067
RAC/2, RAC/5, Improved NARC: 3062
Heavy, Improved Heavy Gauss: 3061
Capacitor ER and normal PPCs, UAC/20: 3060
Laser AMS, Hypervelocity AC /2 /5 /10: 3059

Weapon list and introduction dates 1:

MRMs, Streak SRMs, ER Lasers, LBX5, LBX20, LBX2: 3058
Compact Heatsinks: 3058
X-Pulse Lasers, UAC/2, UAC/10, Light Gauss: 3057
Rocket Launchers, Magnetic Pulse Warheads: 3050
Coolant Pods: 3049
Arrow IV: 3044
Binary Laser: 3041
Long Tom: 2500


AoE weapons (Artillery weapons, Arrow IV missile) damage is not counted, and always applies even with friendly fire off or godmode on. If you don't like this, don't use them.