Edición Standard de MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Changes the spawn behavior of enemies.
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My Team TrooperManiac
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This MOD will not effect your save game in any way.
Works with campaign missions and quick play.
Works with multiplayer as long as the host has it installed.
Designed to work with game version 1.1.286

Spawning changes

The way the default spawn works is that enemies spawn 500m to 1.5km away from your line of site. 1.5km from where you aren't looking in flatter areas of the map, Vtols are by default 2.5km away.
I pushed Vtol spawning to 3km also are spawned are also in lances unless spawned on the ground also I by changed the ground unit spawning to only be in dropships including tanks unless the enemies are supposed to be pre-spawned on the map. Every now and then I'll let something spawn 3km away on the ground "the max spawn distance from you".

Other Changes

Depending on where the AI is and where its lance mates are is depending on whether or not it can or will suicide charge you. The lights do this regardless because of weapon LOS.
There is an internal "battlevalue" of the mission. I favor this more towards mechs then tanks and Vtols.
Lastly the increase of FPS you feel is that I kill off unnecessary cpu expensive loops that check where enemies are supposed to be spawned on the map because the check for dropping 4 enemies is less cpu intensive then individually checking where to spawn enemies.