Edición Standard de MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Adds Clan weapons to the game. V 2.0.1 for game ver 1.1.354 / DLC6 Requires Yet Another Weapon and Yet Another Mechlab to properly work. YAML Discord https://discord.gg/YetAnotherMW5Server
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Este mod requiere el juego Edición Standard de MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.
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Yet Another Weapon Clan

Clan weapons and equipment up to 3069.
Requires Yet Another Weapon.
For details about changes, please see the readme file within the mod folder or the Changelog on Nexus.
LBX mode switch, Clan Endo, Ferro and XL Engines are require Yet Another Mechlab.

Weapon intro dates

All "standard" Clan weapons become available in 3055 except:
ProtoMech AutoCannons (3073)
XXL Engine (3070)
Machine Gun Arrays (3069)
Hyper-Assault Gauss (3068)
ER and Heavy Flamer (3067)
Light and Heavy MG (3060)
ATMs (3060)
ER and Pulse Micro Lasers (3060)
Heavy Lasers (3059)
ASRMs (3058)
ER Pulse Lasers (3057)
Standard Clan weapons (3055):
AC /2 /5 /10 /20
Ultra AC/2 /5 /10/20
LBX /2 /5 /10 /20
LRM / Artemis 5 10 15 20
SRM / Artemis 2 4 6
Streak SRM 2 4 6
Laser AMS
ER Small, Medium, Large Lasers
Pulse Small, Medium, Large Lasers
Clan ECM, L/AP, MASC, XL Engine, Endo, Ferro

Clan Internal Equipment

Clan ECM, Light and normal Active Probe, MASC, XL Engines, Endo Structure, Ferro Armor
Clan XXL Engines
All credit goes to @Meows for the XL Engines.
I did the rest myself.
(engine, structure, armor not useable without mechlab mod)

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