Death Crown — Demo

Play as Death herself in the demo of our 1bit RTS, Death Crown. Command your legions across 3 challenging missions, gather gold, and punish humanity's Kingdom for its arrogance in this taste of strategic gameplay.

Death Crown — Demo

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Immerse yourself in the universe of Death Crown, an intriguing minimalist real-time strategy game in a distinct 1bit style. This demo version allows you to step into the spectral shoes of Death herself, commanding her eerie legions, and challenging the hubris of humanity's Kingdom across three engrossing missions.
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Key Features:

  • Simplified Strategic Gameplay: Manage barracks for troop production, mines for gold collection, and towers for defense. Experience the essence of strategic gameplay in these initial missions.
  • Preview of Unique Story: Get a glimpse of a tale where Death stands against the arrogant King, in the quest for the Death Crown. The War of the Death Crown has just begun.
  • Distinctive Visual Style: Dive into the one-of-a-kind 1bit universe, a treat for those who appreciate minimalism in gaming.
Remember, this is just a taste of the intense challenges, unique story progression, and strategic battles that await in the full version of Death Crown. If you crave for more, be ready to march through the lands of the foe, sow destruction, and watch the kingdom of humans crumble in the breathtaking campaign of the complete game.
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The Story:

As Death, you've witnessed the end of the millennial war and the rise of the one known as The King. He united all lands and the era of the Human began. But his audacity to deny and humiliate Death herself has provoked a cosmic war. In this demo, the stage is set for the epic War of the Death Crown. The question is - are you ready for the full onslaught

Requisitos del sistema de Death Crown



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 8/10/11
CPU1.6 Ghz
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory2 GB RAM
GPUNVIDIA GT/s 4xx or equivalent
GPUNVIDIA Geforce 600 series or higher
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 9
Storage300 MB available space
Storage300 MB available space
Additional input deviceGamepad
Additional NotesYou must have a keyboard/mouse+gamepad or two gamepads for playing together and for cooperative play.
Idiomas disponibles
  • Sonido: N/A
  • Texto: German, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified), English
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