Not For Broadcast: Live & Spooky muestra contenido adulto recomendado para mayores de 17 años.

Not For Broadcast: Live & Spooky

Direct the "Live & Spooky" paranormal investigation team around a derelict film studio deep underneath Channel One. Frame the shots, capture the action and help keep viewers on the edge of their seats with some TV magic. After all, these ghost shows are all just a hoax... right?

Not For Broadcast: Live & Spooky

About Live & Spooky DLC

It's late at night. A storm rages outside. You're all alone in the broadcast room, and what's all this strange new equipment in front of you?
You've been asked to work late on a special episode of everyone's favourite paranormal ghost-hunting show, "Live & Spooky". It's taking place in an abandoned film studio owned by the late father of none other than an esteemed reporter and news maven, Patrick Bannon. A sudden death in suspicious circumstances led to the studio shutting down years ago. Nobody alive knows the truth, but perhaps the dead have the answers?
At least, that's what the TV guide says. It's going to be a long night... and you're not even getting paid overtime.

Direct The Action Like Never Before

They've got ghost cams, spooky blue lights and an enthusiastic and totally genuine spirit medium on the set tonight, but it's up to you to put it all together.
Don't worry, though. The new "ghost effect" buttons not only add a little bit of extra flair to the proceedings, but they'll also let the crew on the ground know where to go next. They won't be able to go to every location during the show, so pick wisely!

Defend Against the Spirit Realm

Look, nobody is saying ghosts are real. This is all just entertainment, of course. But if they were real, it's going to be up to you to keep the crew safe.
There are more than a few new buttons, knobs, dials and switches involved in that process, but it's all been set up for you, so don’t touch anything. Unfortunately, as ghosts aren’t real, none of this has been actually tested or anything, but we're sure you'll work it out.

Learn the Truth

There's more than one way this show could end, and this isn't just about ratings.
Live & Spooky is designed to be played more than once. You'll need to keep your wits about you and your eyes and ears open for clues to uncover the real mystery behind the ill-fated studio.

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por Chris McMullen
8 / 10
Entertaining, funny and thought-provoking in all the right places, Not For Broadcast is a hugely engrossing foray into the nightly news arena. You’ll laugh your face off at times, but like the best satire, it’s also disquieting enough to have you uncomfortably squirming in your seat.
Jump Dash Roll
por Derek Johnson
8 / 10
Not For Broadcast isn't for everyone, but fans of 2013's Papers, Please will not find a better title on the market.
PC Gamer
por Ian Evenden
85 / 100
Deeply silly and all the better for it, the missed political targets really don't matter.
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Versión del sistema operativoWindows 10
Versión del sistema operativoWindows 10
CPU2,7 GHz o superior
CPUi7 a 3 GHz, Ryzen 7
Memoria8 GB
Memoria16 GB
GPUSe necesita una tarjeta de vídeo dedicada, 4 GB de VRAM.
GPUGeForce GTX 1060 de 6 GB
DirectXDirectX 11
Almacenamiento40 GB
Almacenamiento40 GB
Tarjeta de sonidoIntegrada
Tarjeta de sonidoUna que sea buena
Dispositivo de entrada adicionalMando
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  • Voces: Russian, Chinese (Simplified), English
  • Texto: Russian, Spanish (Spain), English, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese (Simplified)
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