PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game

Un envolvente juego de cartas en línea que combina una interesante y cautivadora narración con una jugabilidad profunda y estratégica. Construye poderosos mazos en sinergia con el avatar que elijas, destruye a tus enemigos y decide el destino del universo.

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Más información

Step into the immersive dark-fantasy world of Issilith in PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game. Harness the might of powerful Avatars, master a challenging dual-resource system, and engage in fast-paced dual lane card battles. PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game seamlessly merges traditional and unique card game mechanics with the intensity of MOBA elements in an experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


No longer must you brave the world's darkness alone; you'll have the option to seek the aid of a trusted friend or forge an alliance with a new companion. Together, you'll stand strong, facing adversaries as a formidable team in the heart-pounding 2v2 versions of our thrilling PvP modes. This exciting feature is set to arrive soon, promising unforgettable moments of teamwork and victory!
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We believe in a truly equal playing field. The more you play, the grander your array of options will become, expanding your horizons, and unlocking thrilling possibilities. Every hard-fought victory brings you closer to unlocking new cards for your collection - unlocking new cards will forever be free. As you engage in battles, refine your tactics, and conquer challenges, you'll see your deck grow and transform. Your deck will become a reflection of your strategic prowess and the battles you've overcome. Every card you unlock isn't just a piece of your collection – it's a testament to your dedication and skill!
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Choose from one of many unique factions: Drakkorith, Oblivion, Vestige or Ascended, with more on the horizon. Your choice of faction isn't just a matter of aesthetics - it's a decision that defines your strengths, weaknesses, and the strategies you employ on the battlefield. Will you take the lead as a fierce and proud Drakkorith leader, or will you become an otherworldly being from the mysterious plane of Oblivion?


Assume the role of one of the game's diverse Avatars, each with its own personality and lore. These leaders wield control over lethal units and unleash destructive spells, making your choices in this deep and strategic game pivotal. Your Avatar isn't just a character; it's an extension of yourself, a force to be reckoned with. With an array of unique cosmetics, you can proudly showcase your unwavering devotion to a chosen Avatar or faction, leaving your indelible mark on the battlefield. Avatars add strategy choices and can be unlocked through ‘Avatar Souls’ earned through play, purchases and as a reward during regular events.


In the world of Issilith, each passing month unfolds a thrilling saga of adventures. Each month, unveil an enthralling themed experience; with regular updates introducing a new set of challenges and introducing new cards, factions, systems, lore and more. Rise to the occasion and savour the thrill of new content that awaits you!
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Dive into a thrilling journey where you'll continuously uncover fresh strategies and exhilarating card combinations, allowing you to master your craft and elevate your favourite decks to unmatched perfection. The battleground is yours to conquer, and every card you acquire opens the door to exciting new tactics!
PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game offers multiple game modes for engaging other players. Whether you wish to test out a new strategy, hone your skills, or just want some plain fun, you can find a mode to enjoy the game your way.
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Rise of the Ascended

In a world torn by chaos, the Ascended rise. Step into a world where legends are born and destiny is forged in the fires of battle. "Rise of the Ascended" beckons you to join the ranks of an awe-inspiring faction; venture onto the battlefield where heroes are made and legends rise, and reap exclusive rewards available for this event only. The battlefield is your canvas, and victory is your masterpiece. Are you prepared to ascend to greatness?

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Versión del sistema operativoWindows 8
Versión del sistema operativoWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i3 - 3220
CPUIntel Core i5 - 4460
Memoria3 GB
Memoria8 GB de RAM
DirectXDirectX 11
Almacenamiento6 GB
Almacenamiento10 GB de espacio disponible
Tarjeta de sonidoTarjeta de sonido para Windows
Información adicionalSe necesita conexión a internet
Idiomas disponibles
  • Sonido: English
  • Texto: English
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