Pinbot - Demo

Demo version of Pinbot, the game that reimagines the timeless breakout game in an immersive 3D setting.

Pinbot - Demo


Arks, mammoth interstellar vessels, usher hordes of Earth’s inhabitants away from the overpopulated confines of their homeworld, embarking on epic odysseys towards distant extrasolar colonies. These voyages span decades, with the colonists slumbering in cryogenic stasis, tended to by a myriad of machines. A diverse array of robots tirelessly manages everything from crafting essential commodities to constructing prospective settlements and safeguarding the colossal spacecraft.
Contrary to the vast cosmic emptiness previously assumed, the void is teeming with robotic entities that thrive on consuming metallic remnants—relics of vanished extraterrestrial civilizations. However, the arks are fortified with an intricate network of defense mechanisms, among which the most intriguing is the Pinbot. This enigmatic guardian combines curiosity and efficiency, embodying an unparalleled fusion of technology and artificial intelligence.

The game

This is a free, demo version of the game. Pinbot reimagines the timeless breakout game in an immersive 3D setting. Traditional brick formations now morph into incubators nurturing alien robots, demanding swift destruction! In this robotic realm, every element is mechanized—be it the player’s paddle, the antagonizing entities, or the enticing power-ups. Amidst the chaos, a series of relentless machines persist in their tasks, inevitably hindering your progress and adding an extra layer of challenge to your quest for dominance.
This demo version is limited to the first 4 rooms of the game.

Requisitos del sistema de Pinbot



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 11
CPUIntel Core i5
CPUIntel Core i7
Memory4 GB
Memory8 GB
Storage4 GB
Storage6 GB
Additional input deviceGamepad
Idiomas disponibles
  • Sonido: English
  • Texto: English, Italian
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