Worms Rumble - Legends Pack
Worms Rumble - Legends Pack

¡Celebra las bodas de diamante de los iconos de Worms con Legends Pack! Personaliza tu gusano con estos fabulosos atuendos, diseños de armas y fondos. Este paquete incluye: 6 atuendo, 6 armas, 6 fondos

Worms Rumble - Legends Pack

Este paquete incluye:
6 atuendos: Retro Commando (comando retro), Sheep (oveja), Donkey (burro), Skunk (mofeta), Cow (vaca) y Pigeon (paloma) (¡cada uno con 3 modelos de colores distintos!)
6 diseños de armas: Retro, Wooly (lanudo), Concrete (de cemento), Poison (de veneno), Bovine (bovino), Feathers (emplumado)
6 fondos


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por Pramath
7 / 10
“Worms Rumble is an extremely imaginative and fun riff on multiplayer shooters, and manages to transition the classic franchise to an entirely new genre and format extremely well.”
Metro GameCentral
7 / 10
“A surprisingly successful reinvention of the Worms formula that turns the more slow-paced originals into an engagingly silly multiplayer free-for-all.”
por Gareth Chadwick
7 / 10
“Although purists may balk at Worms Rumble, I found Team17's reinvention to be a welcome change in direction for the series. Real-time action wrapped around the battle royale genre works a treat here when combined with the zany, explosive world of Worms, but in order to become a multiple mainstay it needs more depth both in terms of strategy and player progression.”
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Sistema operativoWindows 10 de 64 bits
Sistema operativoWindows 10 de 64 bits
ProcesadorIntel Core i5-2300 o FX-4350
ProcesadorIntel Core i5-6600 o AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Memoria4 GB
Memoria8 GB
Tarjeta gráficaNVIDIA GeForce de 2 GB o AMD Radeon de 2 GB
Tarjeta gráficaNVIDIA GeForce de 4 GB o AMD Radeon de 4 GB
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  • VOCES: inglés | TEXTO: inglés, chino simplificado, chino tradicional, francés, alemán, italiano, japonés, coreano, ruso y español (España), portugués (Brasil)
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