If I have any technical questions with logging in, account issues, or game access, where can I reach the game team?

For most technical questions, you can email [email protected] for answers.

Where can I report gameplay or other bugs?

There is an official DC Dual Force Discord channel where players can report bugs. You can find that Discord here: https://discord.gg/EPmby5g3gZ

What features won't be at launch, but will be coming soon after launch?

We have a host of features that we'll be working on after the launch of the game, they include:
  • Vigilante (draft) Games
  • Large-Scale Tournaments
  • Achievements
  • And Much More!

What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in DC Dual Force?

The only real-world purchases in game are "Subscriptions" and "Gems", which allow you to then purchase other items like card packs, bundles, and cosmetics.
There is also an in-game currency called "DualCoins" which you can earn and allow you to purchase the same in-game items.

Can DC Dual Force be used without making any in-app purchases?

You can also earn in-game currency to make in-game purchases without spending real-world money.

Are in-game purchases refundable?


What payment platform is used to make in-game purchases in DC Dual Force.

We use the Epic Game's Wallet payment system for Gems, but use the Xsolla payment platform for subscriptions.