Doomsday Paradise

Doomsday Paradise is a goofy, multiplayer RPG that captures the essence of DnD- if the DM called in sick and the players ran the show!
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Welcome to Sunset Town: a tropical paradise to party your days away before the world devouring monster threatens to end everything. But not to worry- surely some brave hero will rise up to save the world!
Someone IS going to save the world.... right?
Doomsday Paradise is a goofy, competitive multiplayer RPG where you put off saving the world to party instead.
With over 100 endings- no two games will ever feel the same!


  • Fall in Love with up to 12 Characters- from monster girls to pirate kings, there's someone for everyone.
  • Unlock over 100 unique endings- run off into the sunset with your crush or bust out of jail with a serial killer bear. The choice is yours.
  • Team up with 3 friends to explore the town, playing in either competitive or cooperative modes.
  • Deckbuilding Combat is your tool of choice to repel the terrifying demons out to destroy Sunset Town. Gather a variety of abilities that change every single game based on the choices you've made.

Don't Die Alone

The world might be ending- but that's no reason to die single!
Hang out with a cast of increasingly ridiculous hunks and hunkettes- from a vampire who thinks he's a wizard to a monster girl who's in love with Halloween, none of whom seem to care at all about the impending end of the world.
You can score a date or friendzone them all!
There are 12 hot singles waiting for you to move in each with multiple romantic routes to explore!

Play With Your Friends

Compete with your buddies to defeat demons and gain points to earn the title of Legendary Hero - or choose to work together and save the day instead!
Not only do the decisions you make influence your outcomes, they influence everyone else's storyline too. The more people involved the better, with scenarios growing wackier with each decision you make.
The game supports 1-4 players.

Battle Demons

Collect items, skills, and party members by exploring new locations and building relationships.
Then, use them to protect the town from both goofy and terrifying demons leading up to the final battle at the end of the world.
Create the strongest character you can, with builds that change from game to game. Can you use the tools that you've been given to save Sunset Town?

Requisitos del sistema de Doomsday Paradise



OS versionWindows XP
OS versionWindows 10
CPULarge Potato
Memory4 GB
Memory4 GB
GPUGTX 1060+
Idiomas disponibles
  • Audio: English
  • Texto: English
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