Poly Bridge 2
Poly Bridge 2

¡El aclamado simulador de construcción de puentes ha vuelto y está mejor que nunca! ¡Nuevos niveles, nuevas mecánicas, un motor de física personalizado, campañas de talleres y mucho más! ¡Vuelve a descubrir tu creatividad en la ingeniería con más horas de diversión y retos de ingenio!

Poly Bridge 2

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Game Rant
por Jonathan Ammerman
“The sequel to the 2016 puzzle simulation game, Poly Bridge 2 secures itself as a solid bridge-building sim for some mind-bending fun.”
Gaming Nexus
por Russell Archey
8.5 / 10
“As it is, though, Poly Bridge 2 is very enjoyable and can bring some levels of satisfaction when you finally finish a bridge under budget and without it breaking at any point. It’s a very casual and relaxing game that doesn’t rush you in any way. I’m not going to lie, the game gets a laugh out of me every now and then when my bridge breaks and the driver of the vehicle just drives into the water anyway. Everything looks great from a visual standpoint. While there's no progression system with everything open from the start, there's still a challenge aspect as long as you don't view the Gallery before completing a level. It does take some time to get the hang of the physics, and you might wonder a few times how your bridge broke. Being able to take on any level at any time means you can play a level or two if you're short on time. Plus the music is nice and relaxing for a game that will see vehicles driving into the water on a regular basis.”
por Alan John
8 / 10
“You can't go wrong with Poly Bridge 2. Dry Cactus have created a worthy successor to their cult classic.”
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