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Step into the role of judge on a new reality show and award the one million dollar prize to the contestant you feel most deserves it. Six contestants are hooked up to lie detectors and must answer any question you ask them. Vote one off each round until only the winner remains.

Step into the role of judge on a new reality show and award the one million dollar prize to the contestant of your choosing.

Get ready for a thrilling successor to the popular game VEGAS TALES with TRUTH. Step into the role of a discerning judge in a fictional game show. As players, you must determine which larger-than-life contestant is truly deserving of the million-dollar prize. Prepare to dive into a world of deceit, revelation, and unforgettable characters.
In TRUTH, contestants are connected to cutting-edge lie detectors, ensuring that they answer each question posed by the players with unwavering honesty. You hold the power to extract the deepest truths from these captivating individuals. Uncover their secrets, motivations, and innermost thoughts as you navigate through an enthralling game show experience.
Challenge your judgment skills as you encounter a colorful cast of over-the-top characters. From eccentric to evil, each contestant possesses a unique personality that will keep you on your toes. Dive into their remarkable stories, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations that will make you question everything.
TRUTH builds upon the success of VEGAS TALES, offering an enhanced gameplay experience with heightened tension and a more immersive world. Vote off one contestant after each round, carefully considering their answers, behavior, and overall honesty. Your choices shape the game's outcome, leading to dramatic endings.
Engage in captivating conversations with the contestants. Only by keenly observing their every word can you identify the most deserving contestant.
With improved visuals and intuitive gameplay mechanics, TRUTH places you at the heart of the action. Experience the rush of being an influential judge as you make critical decisions, casting your votes and determining who remains in the competition. The lie detectors provide a powerful tool to separate truth from deception, adding an extra layer of excitement to your role.
TRUTH is not just a game show – it's a thrilling narrative journey filled with moral dilemmas, and thought-provoking moments. Immerse yourself in a world where truth is both elusive and paramount, and where your judgment can alter the course of the game. Your discernment and integrity will be tested as you separate fact from fiction and crown the ultimate victor. The stage is set – are you ready to embrace the challenge?
CAST: Garrett Wang, Bridget Regan, Ruth Connell, Hal Rudnick, Jack Shulruff, Audrey Genevieve Holland, and Isabella Betwee.

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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 11
CPUIntel Celeron
CPUIntel I-3
Memory8GB Ram
Memory8GB Ram
GPUIntegrated Graphics
GPUIntegrated Graphics
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  • Audio: English
  • Texto: English
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