Welcome to the world of Athens! Write your Rhapsody - meet friends (or make them enemies), navigate mind-bendingly hard challenges such as "Push Button" and "Spell Richard", and fight for dear life. What will your story be?

Forge your own story and explore the world of Athens in Athenian Rhapsody, a fresh comedic RPG game where you build your own Rhapsody!

Athenian Rhapsody is a fresh comedic RPG game in which you'll explore the World of Athens! Your goal is to build your very own Rhapsody, the story of you (the player) and your epic tale in this world. Your story will unfold based on your decisions, to the degree of which cannot be replicated by any other player.
ARhap is a turn based RPG which includes intense and fast paced real-time-dodging. You'll be faced with many challenges, and you'll have to fight your way through the world by either fighting, or awkwardly trying to make friends with your opponents through pick-up-lines, mean jokes, memory games, and other strange and funny interactions.


  • 16 Potential party members for you to interact with! - Each of these characters has a bold personality, and a large amount of depth for you to discover. You can choose to adventure with whoever you'd like! There truly is a favorite for everyone to bond with, I promise.
  • Tons of enemies for you to FIGHT or BEFRIEND! - This world has no shortage of intense battles with opponents that range from weird, wacky, tough, cute, and outright goofy!
  • Varying battle mechanics to always keep the action fresh! - Many characters will switch up the tactics of battle, you'll be faced with various minigames based on the scenario you find yourself in.
  • Absolutely hilarious. - This game is fast paced, action packed, and full of zany and ironic humor that anyone can have a nice laugh at.
  • Lots of rabbit holes, secrets, and suspicious endeavors! - You will NOT run out of things to do. If you do, you probably haven't seen the sunlight in quite some time!
  • Choose your own adventure! - Nothing substantial in this game is up to RNG. You choose your pathway from start to finish, creating an extremely specific pathway which will then be recorded into your playthrough's Rhapsody!
  • Vigorous mental challenges, and intense puzzles!
  • You may face mind-bendingly difficult challenges such as "Spell Richard" and "Feather Carry" throughout your Rhapsody. Would you dare come face to face with the infamous 3x3 slide puzzle?
  • Last but not least... An Online Social System! - You'll be able to share Rhapsodies between your friends. Share, combine, read through, and maybe even delete your friend's Rhapsodies!

But What's A Rhapsody?

Throughout each playthrough, every decision, action, and event that takes place is recorded into your Rhapsody! Athenian Rhapsody holds so much variability that no two adventures will ever be the same, making each Rhapsody truly unique! The information contained in a Rhapsody ranges from each character you've interacted with as well as how many times your protagonist has farted.
Each time you complete a playthrough, you'll receive a Rhapsody. Each Rhapsody acts as a way to take something tangible from your experience with your playthrough, and hold onto it forever. There are even ways to create new Rhapsodies by combining them, to multiply their complexity and create something absolutely insane!
You'll be able to use these Rhapsodies in various ways such as socializing with friends, accessing special timed in-game event adventures, and maybe even something outside of the game one day. Who knows! The sky is the limit!


Well, it might not be the absolute coolest ever, but it's definitely a game! Maybe even the game ever!
There's no dearth of adventures for any player, no matter what your play style is. Whether you prefer intense battles, rich dialogue, hunting for secrets, or aiming for completionism, you're sure to have a blast in Athens.
The ultimate goal of Athenian Rhapsody is to provide a real, impactful experience for everyone who plays it. There's something for everyone and I hope that every player can relate to their story somehow, and maybe even reflect on their own lives. Remember to have fun, it's a game!


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Rice Digital
par Isaac Todd
Athenian Rhapsody is billed as a game where each player’s experience is different, and that you can play through multiple times to find new paths. But due to the focus on wacky characters over good writing, I had a hard time even wanting to finish a single run. I’d imagine some people might still have a good time, but I can safely say Athenian Rhapsody was not for me.
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