Blanc Soundtrack

Embark with Blanc’s composer in a journey through vast snowy landscapes.

Blanc Soundtrack

Blanc Soundtrack

Embark with Blanc’s composer in a journey through vast snowy landscapes. This one-hour long soundtrack consisting of 25 songs will allow you to relive the two characters’ wanderings to find their families, experiencing moments of joy and overcoming obstacles together.
Inspired by the musical works of Eydís Evensen, Claude Debussy, Joe Hisaishi and Lili Boulanger, the soundtrack revolves around a solo, intimately felt piano, to evoke the loneliness of the characters.
The addition of a chamber strings orchestra emphasizes key moments of the story, letting you dive completely into the wondrous world of Blanc with a soothing and calm moment of music.
Composed and arranged by Louis Godart between April 2018 and January 2023
Additional sound design and ambiences by Pierre-Marie Blind
Mixed by Pierre-Marie Blind and Louis Godart
Mastered by Ronan Cloarec @ Master Lab Systems
Artwork by Raphaël Beuchot
Concept art by Nicole Dorosh
Visual cutdowns by Kyleah Orwig


01 - Ouverture
02 - Rencontre
03 - La piste
04 - Dans les bois
05 - Seuls ensemble
06 - Le hameau sous la neige
07 - Enfin libres - I
08 - Enfin libres - II
09 - Quatuor à plumes - I
10 - Quatuor à plumes - II
11 - Quatuor à plumes - III
12 - Quatuor à plumes - IV
13 - Quatuor à plumes - V
14 - Quatuor à plumes - VI
15 - Glissades
16 - De curieuses amies
17 - À contrevent
18 - Silence
19 - La piste II
20 - Un abri
21 - Un autre abri
22 - Par ici !
23 - L’épreuve
24 - Conclusion
25 - Blanc

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  • Audio: English
  • Texte: Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, German, French, English
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