Chronique des Silencieux

Set in 1970s France, you play a rookie private eye tasked to dig out the secrets of a stubborn old man. Think on your feet while you follow your leads : ask questions to witnesses, detect their lies, hypothesize why and finally confront the silent ones running from their past.

A strange request

You are entrusted with the peculiar case of Victor Dousvalon. This old history professor is known for shrouding his past life in secrecy for everyone around, including his own daughter Catherine. But an apparently harmless accident decides him to hire you to help Catherine trace back the steps of his life.
*Why does he not simply tell himself his own story ?
Why does Catherine, who has been so distant with her father these past years, suddenly wants to know about him?
Your first case will decidedly be a delicate one...*

Anything goes to break the silence!

Get engrossed in the handy work of a detective : search through family papers, ask personal questions, call at inopportune times and be generally nosy.
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Head First Investigation

No watching characters think for you, this is your time to prove your deductive powers. Choose leads, follow them to the end or stop when you think you’ve got the right idea. But you'll need to be convincing to push the silent ones to talk!
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People’s History

Piece together the lives, the choices and the tragedies people are running from and walk a mile in their shoes.
Discover History, not from a bird’s eye view, but from the ground, where folk have to continue living and coping, each in their own unique way.
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Succès disponibles

Prologue Bronze
75 XP
Prologue Or
75 XP
Prologue Fer
75 XP
Prologue Argent
75 XP
Chapitre 1 Bronze
75 XP

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God is a Geek
par Lyle Carr
8 / 10
Chronique des Silencieux is a wonderful detective game that never ever holds your hand, and if that sounds ideal to you then give it a look.
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Configuration recommandée

Version du système d'exploitationWindows 7 or later
Version du système d'exploitationWindows 7 or later
Processeur8th generation Intel Core i3 or equivalent (64 bit)
Processeur8th generation Intel Core i5 or equivalent (64 bit)
Mémoire vive4GB RAM
Mémoire vive4GB RAM
Processeur graphiqueGTX 950 or equivalent
Processeur graphiqueGTX 1050 or equivalent
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  • Audio: Français
  • Texte: Français, Anglais
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