Contraption Maker

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Contraption Maker is an open-ended sandbox puzzle game from the designer/programmer of The Incredible Machine. Play or build elaborate contraptions with hamster motors, trampolines, alligators, wrecking balls, zombies, gears, lasers, ghosts, and over 100 more crazy parts


Play over 200 official puzzles and over 1,000 user created puzzles in the Workshop.
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Whimsical Characters

A cat, dog, mouse, bear, alligator, and more characters. Watch out for the Ghost!
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Ingenious Contraptions

Build your own simulated computer tape drive or anything else you can come up with.
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Comes the the Wonderstructs Parts and Puzzles pack.
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Comes with a in-game Javascript editor so you can create your own games using the Contraption Maker parts.
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Create your own Cheese Factory or anything else that you can imagine.
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OS versionWindows Vista
OS versionWindows 7 or newer
CPU1.7Ghz or higher
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory2 GB RAM or higher
GPU512MB VRAM or higher
Storage300 MB available space
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