Deadly Broadcast

Deadly Broadcast is a co-op horror and survival game that can be played with 1-4 players. As a Famous Streamer, you have to stay alive, but at the same time you should stream the paranormal events in the cursed places to gather more donations and more viewers.

Fight for your Life! Stream for your Popularity!

Camera is ready. Lens are set! Batteries are full. So let the streaming begin!
Deadly Broadcast team is always on the hunt for mysterious paranormal events and abandoned cursed places for you followers.
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Select your Character and Start your Career!

There are 8 characters in the game and you can start your career by selecting any of them. Each streamer character has their own personality with different unique skills.
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Fight for your life! Stream for your popularity!

You disturbed the evil spirits and opened the Pandora's Box. Now all you have to do is solve puzzles, fight against flesh-and-blood zombies with the weapons you find around, and escape alive by destroying the evil spirit of the hospital manager or the demon of the prison chief guard by reading the notes and hints!
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Let your Chat Decide your Fate! Connect your Twitch (Optional)

You can connect your Twitch and all your real chat messages will appear on the Game.
Twitch Decision Maker system:
Your chat can affect the gameplay and help you by typing .Flash, .Medkit or .Weapon as a message in the twitch during livestream. For example, If .Medkit keyword reaches a certain amount in the Chat messages, a Med kit spawns in front of the influencer. That is a very nice interaction in the game. I definitely advice to game influencers to use this feature. You can make a very funny and effective live streams with this feature.
Realistic Graphics:
Featuring high-quality graphics, the game uses HDRP, one of Unity's most advanced graphics rendering solutions, and offers its players extremely realistic and breathtaking images.
Rich Horror Content:
Deadly Broadcast promises a rich content with more than 16 different creatures, 2 scary bad boss characters, 8 different streamer characters that can be selected by the players, dozens of different types of paranormal events that will make you jump from your chair, and an immersive story.
Single Player or Co-Op Multiplayer:
Deadly Broadcast presents its players both Single Player and Co-Op Multiplayer game experience to its players. Whether you can play the game by yourself in Career mode or with your up to 4 friends in Co-Op mode.
Being a Streamer is a very Unique Concept:
Deadly Broadcast gives you a unique gameplay experience. As a streamer character in the game, you hide from ghosts, fight against demons but also seek and share them with your spectators to get more views and earn more donations.

Succès disponibles

The Richest
50 XP
25 XP
Getting started
10 XP
I'm kind of a doctor myself.
10 XP
Support Main
50 XP

Configuration système requise pour Deadly Broadcast


Configuration recommandée

OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 11
Memory8 GB
Memory16 GB
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Storage8 GB
Storage8 GB
Compte requis
Epic ID
Langues disponibles
  • Audio: English, Turkish
  • Texte: Chinese (Simplified), English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish (Spain), Turkish
Deadly Broadcast may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content.