What does the game include?

The game consists of six chapters, 3 different escapes (Main Door Escape, Van Escape and the Epic Escape). Besides this, there are two more levels included on Memories Door. All this content will let you explore all the areas of the school and let you interact with all the characters as well as give you the opportunity to mess around with Sister Madeline and Philippa in creative ways. Did someone say flamethrower?

What is the estimated play time on a normal playthrough?

10 to 15 hours in Normal difficulty for the main content. Additional challenges, content and difficulty related achievements may of course increase the playtime!

Is the game very difficult?

There are different difficulty modes that affect Sister Madeline's speed and intelligence. Furthermore, there is a Ghost Mode in which Sister Madeline can not kill or see you.

Do you plan to add new content?

If the game gets positive reviews and the results are great we will add new content for sure!