What is Get Slapped! about?

Get Slapped is the about becoming the best Slap Fighter this side of the dimensional enigma!
Currently it is in its early stages as a single player narrative with goals to expand it's narrative and multiplayer reach.

How can I access playtesting or the Early Access version of the game?

Playtests are live NOW and FREE!
You can receive Early Access come Feb 2024 exclusively for the first 6 months on the Epic Games store and our website getslappedgame.com
After the initial 6 month period it will release to other PC platforms, and hopefully consoles too!

6 months? The fu-

Wellp, we as new game developers don't make much money in the beginning. In fact, many people on this team are still working many other jobs.
So, we thought we'd try Epic's First Run Program!
Will this help "slap it" or will we get "slapped down"? Guess we'll see!
You can read more about the program here

What is the purpose of Early Access?

Early Access helps us continue to push forward in the slap battle of life! It means you actually have weird delicious taste and beautiful hot slappin' dreams like the rest of the Secret Slap Society...
(Plus there's just a lot of work, improvements and bugs for us slap newbies so all the support is helpful. Plus like, we want it to be like pretty GOOD come official release ya know?)

Is the Early Access version the final version of the game?


How often will updates be released during Early Access?

At least monthly, if not more!

Can I provide feedback on the game? Bugs, technical or otherwise?

YES! That's what we need your help with!
You can provide feedback in any of the in-game surveys or email us at [email protected]

Will my progress in the Early Access version carry over to the full release?

Currently this feature is not supported but we are looking into it!

Is there a roadmap for the game's development?

Yep! We are working on a public roadmap to share, but know there are plans from now to 2, 5, and even 10 year goals!

Will the price of the game change after Early Access?

It is possible to go up due to more content and to help build a sustainable brand and company, but ONLY if it makes sense!
Changes to the game from crowdfunding and other packages will be on the horizon!

Is there a community or forum for players to discuss the game?

Join the Secret Slap Society on discord, or follow us on all other social platforms!