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This game is a Visual Novel produced by 2nd Revision. It tells the story of the protagonist Cheng Feng, who received an anonymous letter and returned to his hometown after three years of absence, but was involved in a serial murder case.


"Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday,
Make a wish.
Please make sure you live happily ever after.
However, never ...
Don’t make wishes that are destined to never come true ..."
Before the last Christmas of the millennium, on December 13, 1999, in the green train, the slanting sunset hit his face, bringing him back to reality. The whisper of the girl in the dream gradually faded in his heart, leaving only his long desert-like life was recorded in the diary he carried with him.
As the sound of the last wheels rolling over the rails stopped, that evening, young Cheng Feng returned to his hometown named Mocheng, where he had been away for three years, with a letter that brought back memories that should not exist.
So the new life begins. A life that should be colorless becomes sincere because he's trying to open my heart to the smiling people he meet. However, the world around him gradually moves towards an uncertain future in those days and nights.
Facing those people who will always remain in the memories and memories of three years ago, in fact, the ending of all this was decided at that very beginning, because these choices were all his wishes.
The last Christmas comes when this century is about to end, and look blankly at the burning sunset on the other side of the world. At that time, the promise made by one person under the sky has already been engraved in such sad colors.
All of it was actually over when Milan Kundera left those words - "God is dead in the fire of heaven."


Production: 2nd Revelation
Type: Visual Novel
Engine: NScripter
Word count: 1300000±(Chinese)
Resolution: 800×600
Producer · script · program: AbyssGospel
Art · Performance: KDHIO
Original music: caisheng bo
Sound effect: jiayu zhou

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OS versionwindows XP
OS versionwindows7/10
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  • Audio: N/A
  • Texte: Chinese (Simplified)
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