1. Is this an online/multiplayer game or does it have a campaign mode?

Polker is an online/multiplayer game through the adventure mode (campaign) and tournament mode. Players progress through the adventure mode by collecting medals and reaching the qualification level to proceed to the next map.

2. Can I use real money to play?

Polker is not a gambling game, therefore there is no real money involved.

3. Can I customize my user profile or NFT dealer?

Players can change their user profile avatar, and they can fully customize their NFT dealer by collecting the accessories for them. To customize the NFT Dealer, players must have a PKR Pass.

4. What does PKR Pass bring to the player?

PKR Pass allows players to participate in the play-to-earn model where they can at random, receive NFTs in the treasure chest and other in-game assets, discounts for in-app purchases, and the ability to fully customize the NFT dealer to show them off inside the poker gameplay.

5. Are in-app purchases in Polker refundable?

In-app purchases are not refundable.

6. Is there a walk-through on how to play the game or a tutorial video?

Polker has a strategy guide to guide all new players of the in-game key terms, the gameplay, how the mechanics work, and how to fully immerse Unreal Engine 5 Polker Experience.

7. I do not have a PC, will there be a MacOS or mobile version soon?

Polker is in the process of developing the MacOS, and mobile versions (both iOS and Android). For more information, check out our website roadmap.

8. Can I use a credit card to buy in-app purchases?

Yes, we have a store portal where you can use both credit/debit cards or PKR tokens to buy PKR Pass, and Spades for in-game currency.

9. Can I exchange my play chips for real money?

No, because we are a non-gambling poker game, you cannot exchange your in-game play chips for fiat currency.

10. What is the best way to get the most up-to-date information about the game?

The most active platform we have is Discord and Telegram which is on our website. Every Monday, we have AMAs on Twitter with our Managing Director, Conor Thacker, who gives more detailed information about what is coming and answer any questions a person may have.

11. How does this product integrate blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

The integration of our Polker NFTs within the game is achieved through an in-game treasure chest collection, which requires a PKR Pass. Players gather in-game currency by participating in poker games where they accumulate Scraps, Keys, and XP. The scraps players collect are used to craft keys, which in turn are used to unlock treasure chests and yield random rewards (note that scraps and keys cannot be bought in the store). During the customization process of the NFT (Dealer) in the Wardrobe, players have the option to modify their NFT metadata including the accessories associated with the NFT.

12. What advantage does this bring to the product?

Players are able to use their NFTs within the game by assigning them as the dealer. Once activated, the NFT owner can earn multipliers for in-game currency or XP. To enable the multiplier feature, the dealer needs to be equipped with an accessory.

13. Does this product necessitate connecting an external wallet?

While it's not necessary to connect an external wallet to play, if you wish to transfer your NFTs out of the game portal, an external wallet will be required via our web portal. Here's the link: https://store-portal.polker.game/login?redirect=%2Fnft-wallet

14. What wallets are supported by this product?

Our product is compatible with Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Wallet Connect via the web store portal. However, the in-game experience does not necessitate a wallet connection to play.

15. Can I use the product without engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

Absolutely, we offer a free-to-play option that allows players to enjoy the game without any interaction or engagement with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency.

16. Which blockchain network does this product utilize? Is it a proof-of-work or proof-of-stake network?

The product operates on the Polygon network, which is a proof-of-stake (PoS) system.

17. Does this product have a marketplace? What can I do with the items I earn or buy?

Yes, our product features a marketplace on the store portal where spades can be purchased. Spades are an in-game currency used for buying play chips, P2E Pass, in-game assets, and so on. The marketplace will also introduce a section where players can trade, sell, or buy NFTs among other players within the Polker community (coming soon).

18. Can I use any NFTs to participate in the Polker Game?

No, only Polker NFTs are supported within the game and the marketplace.