Transcend the material realm and assume your true form as Spinch, a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue a litter of its missing offspring, in this side-scrolling, psychedelic platformer from the mind of award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs.

Become Spinch.

Enter into a world thick with bubbling psychedelia. Descend deep into a new ecology teeming with multiple pathways, luminous levels, and complex obstacles. Transcend the material realm and assume your true form as Spinch, a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue its litter of missing offspring from an endless invasion of misshapen and malformed offbeats and oddities.

Your perfect match between classic platformer and modern graphics.

Bringing back old school difficulty, Spinch will have you replaying sections until you master your timing and reflexes. Dash, dodge, climb, swim, jump, and even shoot your own babies as you take on six enigmatic bosses in six vibrant worlds. Collect items to give you the upper hand while searching for your missing babies.
With only a ticking clock and quick restarts - no lives or game overs - the game is welcoming to players of all experiences, but a formidable challenge to even the most capable of speedrunners.

The psychedelic platformer you never knew you needed 'til you got it.

The world of Spinch has been crafted and brought to life by talented award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs, known for his precise and detailed line work in combination with bold and simple color palettes. His works contain an affiliation with psychedelia, spirituality, alternate realities, and a blending of nature with technology. James Kirkpatrick, well known for his participation in the early Canadian graffiti movement and as avant-garde hip-hop artist, Thesis Sahib, created the audio landscape of retro soundbites and electronic sounds found within Spinch.


• A fine-tuned platformer with tight controls to dash, dodge, and jump off surfaces to survive against neon spiders, massive rainbow worms, and bomb-dropping moondogs
• Plunge into the psychedelia of unique worlds ranging from neon plains, to experimental tanks, to frozen icelands, all the way to outerspace!
• Face off against kaleidoscopic bosses and shoot them down with your babies as ammunition
• Inviting and replayable for everyone; a speedrunning challenge for the insane
• Retro-styled visual wonderland with a psychedelic color explosion by award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs


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Video Chums
par A.J. Maciejewski
“If you're looking to test your 2D gaming skills and love quirky indies then Spinch will make a fantastic addition to your game library.”
par Nic Bunce
7 / 10
“Spinch is a quirky and vibrant 2D platformer that will delight and infuriate in equal measure.”
Marooners' Rock
par Frank Ventimiglia
7.6 / 10
“While there were some technical issues, nothing was game-breaking. I would put Spinch up there with Super Meat Boy on well-made precision platformers.”
Avis fournis par OpenCritic


Configuration recommandée
OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i3
CPUIntel Core i7
Memory2GB RAM
Memory4GB RAM
GPUDedicated Graphics
GPUDedicated Graphics
DirectXDirectX 10
Storage2GB Available Space
Storage4 GB Available Space
Langues disponibles
  • Audio:
  • Texte: Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish (Latin America), Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, German, Chinese (Simplified)
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