Ten Dates

Suite de la comédie romantique Five Dates, Ten Dates. Misha, une millennial londonienne en mal de contact humain, piège Ryan, son meilleur ami, et l’embarque dans un programme de speed dating


Suite de la comédie romantique Five Dates, Ten Dates
Misha, une millennial londonienne en mal de contact humain, piège Ryan, son meilleur ami, et l’embarque dans un programme de speed dating. Au cours de rendez-vous avec leurs cinq prétendants aux personnalités drastiquement différentes, Misha et Ryan devront prendre leur courage à deux mains et faire preuve de charme.
Durant tout le jeu, vos choix et interactions renforceront ou dégraderont votre relation avec vos prétendants. Pris dans un vaste réseau d’embranchements d’histoires où fusent les sujets de conversation et les questions profondes, Misha et Ryan enchaîneront jeux pour briser la glace, situations gênantes et révélations déconcertantes. L’un d’eux finira-t-il par trouver l’amour ?


  • Une comédie romantique en live-action, réalisée par Paul Raschid (Five Dates, The Complex)
  • Choisissez qui incarner, et nouez des liens avec une galerie variée de personnages
  • Découvrez jusqu’à 10 bonnes fins, ainsi que de nombreux échecs, pour un total de plus de 12 heures d’images filmées
  • Un suivi en temps réel de l’évolution des relations influence le cours de la partie
  • Mode Streamer : mettez vos choix en pause pour interagir avec votre communauté
    Ten Dates-723sp
    Ryan, a young urban heart-throb on a quest to find true love amidst the complexities of city dating. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and his words have the power to endear or alienate.
Misha is a captivating city single searching for her perfect match. Her magnetic charm and quick wit leave a lasting impression on all who cross her path. With a sparkling personality, is she the missing piece to someone's love puzzle?
Ten Dates-1awn8
A staple of the social scene, Bash is the ultimate lad, always ready for a good time with his friends. But is there more to him than just sports, beer, and crude jokes? Can you see through his exterior and discover the charming and endearing qualities within?
Ten Dates-1ahs6
Alpha and financially mobile, Brandy is the quintessential hustler. Keep up with her as she puts you to the test in a race to win her over. Learn about her journey and how she became a trailblazer in the city of London.
Ten Dates-m7jyh
Attractive, exciting, and devilishly charming, Ty is the ultimate bad boy with a hint of mystery. Will you be able to resist his rough exterior and see the potential for redemption within him? Or will his wild ways lead to heartbreak?
Ten Dates-1y18u
A non-conformist rebel with a sharp wit. Explore the world of activism and arcane interests with this guarded, passionate firecracker.
Ten Dates-qjtg7
Meet the ultimate nice guy, dependable, kind and always ready to put a smile on your face. With a good job and a solid social life, he offers a pleasant dating experience. But is there more to him than meets the eye? Will you see through his surface-level charm and find the genuine interest he has in you?
Ten Dates-188zu
Get ready to break a sweat with this clean-living, driven athlete. Join her in her quest to break through society's slow acceptance of female sports and tackle the challenges she faces as a female athlete.
Ten Dates-5awp8
The quirky and lovable coder with a sense of humour. As technology grows, so does Lucas's relatability. He may not be a dating expert, but his personable nature and trendy tech interests make him a standout in the dating scene.
Ten Dates-15t01
A PhD student with brilliance, charm, and a zest for life. Get ready for a thought-provoking journey as you join forces with this easy-going genius.
Ten Dates-1tufd
A confident, approachable individualist with a relatable personality. Despite her un-curated exterior, Hazel hides a deeper story waiting to be uncovered. Join her as she navigates the dating scene and discovers what it means to be truly authentic.
Ten Dates-hj6d5
An urbane, suave, and smooth-talking event host. With his charm and effortless conversation skills, Derek will sweep you off your feet.
Ten Dates-s6qmf
Avec Rosie Day (Outlander), Charlie Maher (Conversations with Friends), Meaghan Martin (Until Dawn, Camp Rock), Sagar Radia (Industry), Sam Buchanan (The Power), Kaine Zajaz (The Witcher), Ellie James (I May Destroy You), et Rhiannon Clements (Mort sur le Nil).
Par le studio derrière Five Dates, The Complex, The Bunker, Bloodshore, The Shapeshifting Detective, Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? et plus encore !

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God is a Geek
par Lyle Carr
8 / 10
Ten Dates is entertaining from start to finish, with a diverse range of characters to date, great acting, and some genuinely funny moments.
PC Invasion
par Andrew Farrell
8 / 10
Although the writing and characters aren't all great across the board, Ten Dates is a surprisingly engaging experience filled with lots of fantastic acting, plenty of content, and some tight editing.
par Andrei Dumitrescu
8.5 / 10
Ten Dates is a very classic full-motion video experience. It has a clear theme and manages to make the dating elements, especially for the initial speedy encounters, feel fleshed out. There are some interactions that feel forced and a few changes of tone that miss the mark. But this is a competent romantic narrative with light gameplay.
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