The Lost Village

"The Lost Village" is a unique 8D independent Roguelite and SLG game. You will perform as the son of the former Master to rebuild your village and sect.You will face the severe challenge of fantasyland and eventually lead your sect to glory.

Once there was a prosperous village of Martials, now none of it remains. You will lead your followers to rebuild this village.

About the Game
Mountain Gate and Illusory Realm is a unique 3D simulation management + Roguelike game. You'll play as the son of a sect leader returning home, tasked with rebuilding the once deserted and desolate immortal mountain and restore its former glory as the best in the world. You'll need to lead disciples in collecting resources, constructing facilities, refining pills, cultivating spiritual fields, and refining magical treasures while developing and growing your sect. Conquer powerful bosses within the illusory realm, and embark on a new adventure in every playthrough!
Freedom in Building Your Home
Enjoy the freedom of placing buildings, creating an elegant and visually pleasing sect unique to your taste. Assign tasks to disciples with different personalities and talents, allowing them to gather resources, construct, work, rest, and cultivate. Engage in activities like tea tasting and chess matches, simulating a realistic path to immortality. Additionally, you can refine artifacts, make pills, grow spiritual fields, and assign disciples to complete missions off the mountain, bringing life and vitality to your sect!
Rich New Game Plus System
Brand-new maps: Beautiful and atmospheric, with mountains embracing rivers in a breathtaking, Penglai-like wonderland!
Independent storylines: Different sects have unique storylines, offering a fresh experience every time!
Innovative technologies: Add sect characteristics with new technology gameplay for each sect!
Unique Battle Route Planning
Gain more control over the entire combat system. Every attack requires precise player input and strategic route planning, combined with disciple abilities and skills to achieve the perfect offense, making every battle a victory. The game's combat scenes are incredibly stunning and diverse, with a wide variety of level designs and character appearances, delivering an ultimate audiovisual and gaming experience.
Innovative Cultivation Gameplay
Raise your own divine beasts: Enhance your disciples' potential and join them in the battle within the illusory realm.
Challenge the Tower of Heaven trial: How will you face the overwhelming waves of monsters and complete the challenge?
Explore the Treasure Pavilion: Automatic cultivation and tribulation crossing for disciples, reading precious books, and recreating once-in-a-lifetime adventures.
Brand new 'Dao' system: Each character possesses their own unique battle features, such as summoning flying swords or reviving using a clone.
The Hidden Story Behind the Mist
Why did the once-prosperous sect disappear? Why are the ancient illusory realms shrouded in miasma and curses? What kind of struggles and grudges did your ancestors face when founding the sect? And when the formidable enemies arrive, can you lead your sect to change its destiny? As the game progresses, you'll uncover many secrets that have been hidden from the world.
Immersive Gaming Experience
The game features a fully 3D environment, accurately displaying characters and buildings.
Immerse yourself in the Eastern charm of the artistic style, experiencing the ethereal atmosphere among ancient trees, clear ponds, and elegant pavilions.
Unique artistic style of music and text ensures that you stay in a pleasant mood while performing the duties of the sect leader.
More exciting content will gradually be revealed as you progress, so stay tuned!

Configuration système requise pour The Lost Village


Configuration recommandée

Version du système d'exploitationWindows 7 64 bit
Version du système d'exploitationWindows 10 64 bit
ProcesseurAMD A10 7850K, Intel i3-2000
ProcesseurAMD R3 3100, Intel i7 7700K
Mémoire vive4 GB RAM
Mémoire vive8 GB RAM
Processeur graphiqueRadeon R9 280, Geforce GTX 960
Processeur graphiqueRadeon R9 390X, Geforce GTX 1060
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 11
Stockage3 GB available space
Stockage4 GB available space
Langues disponibles
  • Audio: Chinois simplifié, Anglais
  • Texte: Chinois simplifié, Anglais
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