Join the battle for survival in the Aurk Valley. As the leader of your tribe, it's up to you to fulfill the wish of your tribe's divinity and emerge victorious against the other tribes. Forge alliances, establish trade routes, and conquer the Aurk Valley.
Survive in the Aurk Valley, a land full of dangers and mysteries.
Search for valuable resources to craft weapons, items, medicine, and buildings that will keep your tribe alive.
The Aurk Valley is full of secrets and mysteries waiting to be discovered.
Your mission as the leader of your tribe is to explore the region in search of divine relics and other sacred objects that will help you fulfill the wishes of the gods.
You must be careful of rival tribes who are also searching for the same treasures.
Combat rival tribes to secure your dominance in the region.
Also, dare to hunt a wide variety of animals and legendary beasts that hide in the vastness of the valley.
In the Aurk Valley, the prosperity of your tribe depends largely on your ability to forge alliances and establish trade routes with other tribes.
Build lasting and beneficial relationships that will allow you to access new resources and improve the quality of life of your tribe.

Succès disponibles

Found all tribe camps
200 XP
Relics of Tikbal
100 XP
First Alliance
20 XP
First Assault
20 XP
First Building
5 XP

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Configuration recommandée

OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
OS versionWindows 10/11 64-bit
CPU1st generation i3 from Intel Or AMD equivalent
CPU4st generation i3 from Intel Or AMD equivalent
Memory2 GB de RAM
Memory4 GB de RAM
GPUNvidia Geforce GT 430 or AMD equivalent (AMD HD 4000 series)
GPUNvidia Geforce GT 430 or AMD equivalent (AMD HD 4000 series)
DirectXDirectX 11
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  • Audio: N/A
  • Texte: Spanish (Spain), English, Catalan