A Total War Saga: TROY

Makes Playable factions less likely to join Confederations and Minor factions more likely to joing Confederations.
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Makes Playable factions less likely to join Confederations and Minor factions more likely to join Confederations.

I don't know about you but I do like confederations... WAIT HEAR ME OUT!!! I like confederations in Total War games. They ensure you don't fight a million 1 province enemies but a rival empire and reward you for keeping treaties with neighbors. The problem now is, that in TWS: Troy this means you lose all those legendary characters that brought you here in the first place. This mod attempts to fix this without disabling confederations.

What It actually does:

Now every playable faction has a unique "baseline evaluation" for Confederation(befc), apart from the Amazons, who cannot be confederated anyway.
Next the BEFC for playable factions is increaced by 25 and the BEFC for other factions is reduced by a similar degree
Agamemnon, Hector and Paris got an especially high boost, as I think they are least likely to confederate. Meanwhile Aeneas, Ajax and Diomedes get a smaller boost, which makes them harder to confederate than the minor factions but easier to Confederate than Achilles etc.
why? Because Aeneas is a B*tch.


I wish you could comment/rate here but having on plattform user comments is not en vogue anymore and I'm not making a facebook site for a tiny mod. What I have is a Moddb site, and I'd be really happy if you could leave some feedback there.
if you distrust links just search for Confederation Priorities on Moddb, that should be me :D
PS: I plan to release some specialized versions, with higher/lower baseline evaluation values and different patterns. Feel free to suggest those aswell.