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by: cszolee79 and trueg Fully unlocked, MWO-style Mechlab, with all missing Mech variants and weapon and AMS hardpoints. Supports vanilla savegames and most other mods. 0.60 for game version 1.1.338 YAML Discord:
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Replaces the MW5 Mechlab with an MWO-like, fully unlocked Mechlab (based on crit slots and weapon hardpoint slots), a re-imagination of Navid A1's Reloaded.
Adds all MWO Mech variants, with all the hardpoints and freedom MWO has - and some more.
All Mechs have at least one AMS.
Tanks, VTOLs and Turrets have increased HP (scalable Mod Option setting).
Mechs have MWO-like Quirks (weapon buffs, extra armor or faster JJ recharge, etc) and Abilities (Thermal Vision, UAV, Cool Shot, Headlights) with configurable keyboard binds, AI, coop and mech switch compatibility, all based on TableTop rules.
Yet Another Mechlab-1mjv7

Coop and controllers

This mod is 100% coop-compatible, with extensive testing performed on multiple clients (host-guest-guest) and multiple platforms (Steam and Epic). All added functions and abilities are working in coop play and even mech switching (had to fix some vanilla bugs there like MASC overload).
The mod - UI changes - have been tested with a controller, everything should work.


If loaded into an existing (vanilla) savegame, YAML will add Engines, Structure and Armor items to your inventory, based on the base loadouts of all your mechs. For the active mech, it will attempt to install them (for no cost / time).
For mech mods made for vanilla game mechlab, v0.9.1 and higher adds full support adding YAML-specific slots like Engines, Structure, Armor, etc and the necessary equipment to the mech.
Recommended: ModOptions from Bobbert - adds an extra tab in Options menu that lets you set YAML config stuff in-game.

AI and Performance

This mod does not change AI / damage model / pathing / etc in any way. We have support for Oraeon's TTRulez AI mod (the definitive AI mod). You can apply specific Roles to your Mechs in the Upgrades menu that the AI mod will read.
Performance: in-mission, the DerivedMech runs a few Timer Events for installed stuff if installed (like TSM, Cool Shot, UAV) with non-measurable performance impact.
UAV: uses vanilla PGI code for target sharing (like NARC)

Keybinds and options

The keybinds for Thermal Vision, UAV, Coolshot, Headlights etc can be changed in options / Controls (down at the Mods section).
For the rest of the config settings, they were moved to Game.ini in %localappdata% \ MW5Mercs \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor.
The mod is now fully compatible with Bobbert's Mod Options - it adds a new tab in Options menu called Mod Options:

More info

For more info, changelog and bugreports, please visit the mod's Nexus page:

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