Evil Dead: The Game’s Splatter Royale Update is Out Now!

Di Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games
We’re incredibly excited to launch the Splatter Royale update for Evil Dead: The Game! Battle up to 40 players in this free new game mode to be the last demon standing.  Spawn, scavenge, kill and loot players in matches to rise to the top.  Events can also be found in the match to earn you more loot to gain an advantage, including taking on elite and boss NPCs.

Choose Deadite versions of any Survivors and Demons from the game – including DLC characters and outfits you’ve purchased. When the match is complete, Splatter Royale has its own progression system to advance 4 different skill trees: Assassin, Marksman, Commando and Butcher.

The update also includes new Survivor Ruby Knowby - voiced by the legendary Lucy Lawless.  Like all survivors, Ruby is playable in both the 4v1 and Splatter Royale game modes.  Ruby can regenerate health, increase her possession resistance, and boost the damage of her weapons. She can also consume souls to make her aura stronger and charge her unique ability, triggering a deadly blast that damages evil units within range and heals nearby Survivors.

The update also includes premium new outfits for Ash, Pablo, and Kelly, along with new weapons: The grenade launcher ranged weapon and the deadly scythe melee weapon. We can't wait for you to check out the Splatter Royale update.  For more information, make sure you follow Evil Dead: The Game.
Ash Vs Pablo 4 Fixed