di Steve C
8 / 10
“I loved my time with Rusty in A Knight's Quest. While it clearly doesn't have the extreme level of polish of a Zelda title, it manages to capture the sense of exploration and progression of Link's earlier adventures and mix it up with a real sense of its own identity. The added emphasis on platforming creates an interesting fusion of genres but isn't without a few technical issues. That said, fans of classic 3D adventure games would do well to check it out.”
di Ken McKown
6 / 10
“A Knight’s Quest has moments of brilliance. I wanted to love it a lot more than I did. I feel like this template could truly be something special to fill a void these other consoles have without a proper Zelda clone. Still, it finds ways to annoy me at every turn.”
Culture of Gaming
di Matt Garcia
6.5 / 10
“A Knight’s Quest has a solid foundation to be a great game. But it suffers from to many problems to break itself away fro the pack of Zelda-Like games.”
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