Creature extraction shooter based in a vast fantasy world. Discover, catch, collect & shoot. PVP, collectible online multiplayer game.

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Questo gioco supporta o include l'utilizzo di blockchain, tecnologia NFT o criptovaluta. Tutte le transazioni e le attività correlate, i pagamenti per gli acquisti all'interno del gioco, i rimborsi e l'assistenza giocatori sono interamente gestiti dal distributore di questo prodotto.

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What is AneeMate?

AneeMate is a fantasy world creature extraction shooter merging a childhood nostalgia with 21st century innovation. AneeMates are the mythical creatures you’ll truly own, introducing magical powers, unique designs, and body structures. They’re designed to trigger the cute sentiment of little kitties while instilling a crippling sense of imminent danger. Their home is mortally threatened. Go save them all!

Explore, catch, level up!

Let’s explore the Hidden Island and decide the fate of AneeMates. The mythical land calls you to squad up a team of three or brave through the dangers on your own. With malevolent bosses and a treacherous environment, you’ll have to show remarkable survival skills. Catch all the AneeMate and free them from slavery and extortion. Explore, catch, level up, and reshape the future of Hidden Island.


The voyage across the Hidden Island won’t be easy. To move your character faster through the land of adventure, myth, and threats, you can employ faster movement thanks to gliding, grapple hooks, and double jumps.

Save them all!

Controlled and enslaved, AneeMates are waiting for you to free them. To catch as many helpless creatures as possible, you`ll need to explore all the uncharted nooks of this mythical land.

Skill trees and abilities

To endure every trap and outwit every ruse, you`ll have to level up your character and AneeMates. Choose your skill tree, learn new abilities, and face the danger. You can upskill your human characters as well as your AneeMates.


Don`t just catch your AneeMate - own it! All those adorable, whimsical creatures and their talents can be yours. Thanks to digital assets ownership, your Hidden Island experience is yours to own. Let your AneeMates, heroes, resources, and skills be your unique property.

Requisiti di sistema di AneeMate



OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10 or newer
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD 2.5Ghz
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD 3.5Ghz or faster
Memory8GB RAM
Memory16GB RAM or more
GPUNVIDIA RTX 3060 or newer
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
Storage20GB or more
Additional NotesMake sure to always have up-to-date drivers for your graphic card and latest Windows updates.
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