Arcade Paradise

Ti diamo il benvenuto ad Arcade Paradise: l'avventura arcade in stile retrò anni '90. Giocherai nei panni di Ashley, che ha appena ricevuto le chiavi della lavanderia di famiglia. Ma anziché lavare i panni e portare avanti l'attività, decidi di trasformarla in una fantastica sala giochi.

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di Christian Donlan
What a thing. Arcade Paradise made me think of Outrun and GTA and Mr Driller, and also my own working life in my teens as a dishwasher and a double-glazing salesperson, sure. But it also made me think of those mazes tiled on the walls of Warren Street tube. Warren Street! Get it? Little puzzles made to be solved between trains, but tricky enough to encourage you to miss your train in the first place. Then you solve the maze and you're off into a wider maze of the underground network. And maybe, who knows, there's a maze beyond that too.
Metro GameCentral
di Steve Boxer
8 / 10
A clever management sim that pays homage to both the arcades of the 1990s and the exquisite drudgery of teenage jobs.
God is a Geek
di Chris White
9 / 10
Arcade Paradise not only looks cool, but the running of your business is fun and enjoyable, and the arcade games are wonderfully designed.
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SOWindows 10 a 32 bit
SOWindows 10 a 64 bit
ProcessoreIntel Core i3 o equivalente AMD
ProcessoreIntel Core i5 o equivalente AMD
Memoria2 GB
Memoria8 GB
Archiviazione5 GB
Archiviazione5 GB
Scheda videoNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 6770
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