What else is coming?

There are a lot of hidden areas and Easter eggs scattered throughout the locations that make up the cases in the game. Still we need to add more, have plans to do so and using our downloadable assets we expect to up the ante on the clues Brie can find on his journey.
Taking that a step further, we have plans for a clue discovery feature for the game, we’d love to know if players would find that fun. Of all the hidden challenges and clues in the game we are looking to add to the notebook a section for the strange and amazing things Brie finds.

What happens if I get stuck?

While we make every effort to ensure that there are no places you physically can get stuck and not move, if you do, bring up Brie's notebook to pause the game (start on the controller, esc on the PC). Choose the option to go back to Brie's office. Your progress will be saved and when you go back into the location you will start at the nearest checkpoint to where you were when you got stuck. Then please reach out to us and let us know so we can correct this in future patches.

The cats don't seem too difficult to get past, am I doing something wrong?

All of the Catmafia are really still training to a certain extent. The boss is watching so that when they mess up they get replaced by smarter cats. Really, the game is still being tuned and some of that we can do without patching the game so please keep playing and report the issue to our issues channel so we can adjust and balance the game further

How do I collect evidence?

Find it first, it will stand out with a visual effect. There will be a button prompt to collect the evidence, HOLD the button until the indicator fills, don't get caught

What do I do with the cheese?

Cheese helps you find the evidence, can be used to bribe the shady traders to make certain sections easier by "taking out" certain guards. When you have found all you can in a location, you will get a clue to the next and your cheese will get converted into evidence

How much evidence do I need to find?

The case board indicates how much evidence you need to collect to unlock the next location. There is probably more than you need, can you find all the hidden rooms and evidence?

Are there achievements?

At the moment no, but part of our early access goals are to iron out the clue system and add achievements.