Chess Ultra: set di scacchi Easter Island

Il set di scacchi Isola di Pasqua di Chess Ultra si ispira ai misteriosi moai dell'Isola di Pasqua, in Polinesia.

Chess Ultra: set di scacchi Easter Island

Questi meravigliosi pezzi di scacchi monolitici a forma di testa portano in vita i moai sulla tua scacchiera.
Questa confezione contiene solo un set di scacchi, che può essere utilizzato in qualsiasi ambientazione nel gioco.

Valutazioni e recensioni di Chess Ultra

God is a Geek
di Gary Bailey
9 / 10
Chess will always be chess, but with its glorious presentation and wealth of options, Chess Ultra is a Queen in a genre filled with Pawns.
Windows Central
di Paul Acevedo
Chess Ultra is a really solid game of chess. It looks beautiful and has some quality tranquil music that varies by the locations elected, including a few songs with lyrics. The robust tutorial and vast number of challenges ensure that solo players can learn the game and have a great time, and cross-platform multiplayer is awesome too.
di Aran Suddi
8 / 10
Chess Ultra is one of the best chess games available at the moment, but is let down by the blurriness in the VR portion of the game that puts some strain on the eyes. Aside from this shortcoming, Chess Ultra is basically the complete package for chess fans, and for those who would like to get into chess due to featuring the in depth tutorials and guides that educate about one of the world's oldest games.
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Requisiti di sistema di Chess Ultra



Versione SOWindows Vista
Versione SOWindows 10
CPU2.0 GHz Dual Core
CPU2.5+ GHz Quad core
Memoria4 GB RAM
Memoria8 GB RAM
GPUNVIDIA Geforce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 6750
GPUNVIDIA Gerforce GTX 780 or 970
DirectXDirectX 11
Archiviazione12 GB available space
Archiviazione12 GB available space
Lingue supportate
  • Audio: N/A
  • Testo: Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, German, Spanish (Spain), French, Italian, English
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