Tiki Tandems

Tiki Tandems is an online and local multiplayer PvP game. With fast-paced gameplay and easy-to-learn mechanics and combat it's a great game to play with your friends or grind against anyone world-wide!
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Tiki Tandems is an online and local, fast-paced multiplayer game!

The genre of the game is a Fighting game, although it doesn't really fall into 1 category. The best way to classify Tiki Tandems is a fun party game to play with your friends! But you can also queue up against anyone in the world and fight for the number 1 rank. The fighting style is somewhere in between Brawl Stars and Super Smash Bros but with 1 key difference. The players do not have health or knock-back bar and you can fight each other as much as you want
So what is the main goal and how do you win then?
Both Tikis fight over the grace of the Totem. In the middle of the 2 players, there is a big Totem which decides who wins the match. The Totem can be turned by both players all the time by hitting one of its 2 wings. Depending on the angle and distance between the players and the Totem, the totem rotates in the appropriate direction with the appropriate amount. The first Tiki to successfully turn the Totem by 180 degrees wins the match!
There is also a second functionality to the Totem. If you were to turn the Fists of the totem you increase your Dedication to the Totem. The more dedication you have, the more powerful your attacks become
Tiki Tandems is a fast-paced game. The game is meant to be very straightforward and easy to play for anyone. There isn't a huge skill cap but you definitely need practice to be the best at the game. We wanted to make the game accessible to as much of a wider audience as we can, so whether you are playing at home with your friends or grinding against players worldwide you can always compete with everyone. The matches last 3 minutes, so that you can play many rounds without being stuck playing against 1 person. Or if you are playing a local tournament on one machine, everybody can play without having to wait a long time, similar to Tekken-style rounds


  • Spearman is the first character you play with. He excels at both long and short range. Even though he doesn't have any escape abilities, he can go toe to toe with any other class
  • Basic Attack: Spear throw
    Spearman charges up for a powerful throw. You can throw the spear at any time and depending on the charge time you either turn the Totem further, or stun other players longer.
  • Heavy Attack: Spear Stab
    Spearman launches an attack in front of him. Any enemies hit in this attack will be knocked down and stunned.
  • Special Attack: Spear Cage
    Spearman creates a Spear Cage around the opposing player. The Cage lasts longer then the stun on the player. No can escape the cage, but they can still use their abilities from inside.
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  • Magicman excels at long range. With his powerful attacks, he can control players for a long time if he times his attack correctly. He can also avoid combat by becoming untargetable and creating a gap.
  • Basic Attack: Skull Missile
    Magicman uses his inner powers to charge up a powerful Skull projectile at the enemy. Be careful though, if he doesn't charge up for the minimum threshold he can stun himself. If he fully charges up his attack, the skull missile becomes homing towards the other player.
  • Heavy Attack: Homing Skull
    Magicman hits his staff on the floor and creates a homing Skull projectile that stuns. This projectile is relatively easy to dodge, so make sure you are either in close range of the other player, or chain stun him after you've hit with your basic attack.
  • Special Attack: Immunity Orb
    Magicman jumps and creates an immunity orb around him. He pushes any other player in his vicinity and becomes untargetable for a short period of time, while still increasing his movement speed.
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  • Bonkerman is a heavy close combat character. He excels at close range, but is the only character that get's tired. That is if he isn't enraged.
  • Basic Attack: Bonk
    Bonkerman hits and pushes any opponent in front of him. Each of his attacks, use up an amount of energy so be careful not to spam too much. Every third attack stuns the opponent.
  • Heavy Attack: Bat Throw
    Bonkerman throws his bat at a target. With this ability he can turn the totem and stun players.
  • Special Attack: Enrage
    Bonkerman enters a frenzy where his energy cannot be depleted. While he is enraged his attacks become more powerful and his movement speed increases. The rages ends after a set amount of time, or after he uses his heavy attack.
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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10,11
CPUIntel i5 - 4790k
CPUIntel i5 - 9400k
GPUNvidia GTX 1050
GPUNvidia GTX 1660 Super
DirectXDirectX 12
DirectXDirectX 12
Additional input deviceGamepad
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  • Audio: English
  • Testo: English
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