FusyFox is an immersive Web3 sci-fi game that takes you and a crew of intergalactic foxes to Mars with one goal: to build the galaxy's first decentralized city. This third-person shooter combines top-notch visuals and gameplay mechanics for a genuinely engaging experience.

Questo è un gioco in accesso anticipato

I giochi ad accesso anticipato sono ancora in fase di sviluppo e potrebbero cambiare in modo significativo nel tempo. Di conseguenza, potresti riscontrare problemi imprevisti o elementi di gioco completamente nuovi durante il gioco.

Puoi provare il gioco mentre è in sviluppo o aspettare fino a quando non potremo offrirti un'esperienza di gioco più completa.

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Questo è un gioco blockchain/NFT

Questo gioco supporta o include l'utilizzo di blockchain, tecnologia NFT o criptovaluta. Tutte le transazioni e le attività correlate, i pagamenti per gli acquisti all'interno del gioco, i rimborsi e l'assistenza giocatori sono interamente gestiti dal distributore di questo prodotto.

Si consiglia ai giocatori di informarsi adeguatamente prima di acquistare qualsiasi criptovaluta o asset digitale. I giocatori effettuano gli acquisti tramite marketplace di terze parti a proprio rischio ed Epic Games non incoraggia l'acquisto o la vendita di alcuna criptovaluta o asset digitale.

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FUSYFOX: Mission to Mars

What is FusyFox?
FusyFox is an immersive Web3 sci-fi game that takes you and a crew of adventurous intergalactic foxes to Mars with one goal: to build the galaxy's first decentralized city. This multiplayer third-person shooter combines top-notch visuals and gameplay mechanics for a genuinely engaging experience.
Developed in partnership with some of the most respected names in blockchain and gaming communities, FusyFox challenges you to use your strategic thinking and combat skills effectively. It's more than just a game; it's your chance to play a pivotal role in shaping a new, decentralized era in the galaxy.
Join us in FusyFox, where every decision and battle moves us closer to a future crafted by the players, for the players.

Lore — The Saga of FusyFox

In the distant future, Earth reels from its greatest challenge, left nearly uninhabitable by a devastating financial crisis. Yet, in the darkness, there's a beacon of hope. From the far reaches of space, on the red sands of Mars, a crew of bold intergalactic foxes embarks on an extraordinary journey. Their goal is ambitious yet straightforward: to build Fusy, the galaxy's first decentralized city, a bastion of freedom and prosperity.
The journey towards this new dawn is far from smooth. Within this fearless crew, personal ambitions and rivalries threaten to fracture their unity. As they navigate the complexities of their newfound endeavor, their differences escalate into open conflict.
Now, on the alien terrain of Mars, they face their ultimate test. It's not just about survival anymore; it's about coming together to build the future they dream of. In the red sands of Mars, a new Arena is built. They will have to fight against the enemy army, survive the harsh conditions and cruel sandstorms of the red planet, and navigate the intricate labyrinth of the Atlax space station. They must fight not just against each other, but for the very hope of humanity.
Join the fight and shape the destiny of the galaxy. Your choices, your legacy. Are you ready to be part of the legend?

Core Features of FusyFox

Out-of-this-World Maps: Asteroid Station
Nebula Station invites players to the expanse of the cosmos, setting the stage on a vast spaceship entwined within a field of drifting asteroids. This map is a labyrinth of corridors, unpredictable elevators, and an ever-evolving environment. The ship's design might become your greatest ally or your most challenging adversary, demanding tactical skill and adaptability.
Diverse Gameplay Experiences
Engage in relentless combat across diverse game modes. Currently, you can dominate the arena in Deathmatch, but more exciting modes are on the horizon, including the strategic Free for All, the team-based Capture the Flag, and the exploratory Adventure Mode. Each mode offers a unique challenge and the opportunity to showcase your skills in different ways.
Dynamic Character Classes for Strategic Depth
Dive into a universe where each character brings a unique set of abilities to the battlefield. Choose from the stealthy Spectrum with its invisibility and quick attacks, the resilient Guardian protecting allies with energy shields, the life-saving Healer restoring team health, or the tech-savvy Engineer with its hacking skills.
  • Guardian: Evolve from basic shields to dynamic defense strategies, promoting teamwork.
  • Healer: Enhance healing abilities to provide not just recovery but also tactical support benefits.
  • Engineer: Upgrade your auto turrets from standard defense to strategic tools with utility and support modes.
  • Spectrum: Advance invisibility tactics, improving stealth efficiency and team synergy.
Each class enriches your gameplay, allowing for a more personalized and impactful role on the battlefield.
Ascend Through the Ranks
Enhance your gaming journey with our distinctive military rank system, which allows you to progress from Sergeant to General based on your in-game achievements. This system provides strategic advantages that significantly influence your approach and status in the FusyFox universe.
Arsenal Evolution
Step into the core of FusyFox, where the arsenal at your disposal defies the limits of imagination. With everything from rapid-fire machine guns and devastating shotguns to precision snipers and cunning melee weapons, our game designers have tapped into their deepest reserves of creativity. Progress through the game and unlock an array of weapons that not only complement the unique abilities of each class character but also offer endless strategies for conquering your foes.
Experience Points (XP): Unlocking Levels and Rewards
Ascend through the ranks by earning XP and Battle Points, which you can earn by completing daily and weekly missions, and achieving victories in battle. XP enables character leveling, while Battle Points are tailored to enhance user progression. This system is crafted to
Offer exclusive content that elevates your gameplay experience.
Deeper immersion into the rich FusyFox universe.
Provide direct access to exceptional rewards, allowing you to bypass the grind and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
Join the ranks of FusyFox. Shape the cosmos—forge your legacy today!

Requisiti di sistema di FusyFox



Versione SOWindows 8
Versione SOWindows 10 or newer
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD 2.5Ghz
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD 3.5Ghz or faster
Memoria8GB RAM
Memoria16GB RAM or more
GPUNVIDIA RTX 3060 or newer
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
Archiviazione20GB or more
Note aggiuntiveMake sure to always have up-to-date drivers for your GPU and latest Windows updates.
Account di accesso obbligatori
PlayFab o Whitelist verification
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  • Audio: Inglese
  • Testo: Inglese
This game was built by FSN Global in Ontario, Canada, and is made and owned by FSN Global.