Are there any in-App or in-Game purchases?

GrandChase sells Cash Items through VP charging.
Players can use VP acquired from in-game or purchases to exchange for various items or Chase Pass.
In-App Purchases include the following VP purchases:
5,000 VP
20,000 VP
60,000 VP
120,000 VP

Can the game be played without making purchases?

GrandChase can be played regardless of making purchases or not.

Can in-App purchases be refunded?

In-game VP Purchases cannot be refunded.
Items purchased using VP can be refunded within 14 days. Upon requesting for refund, the purchased item will be recalled and VP spent will be refunded.
※However, if the player has displaced the purchased item from the purchased slot (refund system) into the inventory or if the item has already given specific details about being unrefundable, the item cannot be refunded.

What platform is used to make the purchase? Epic Games Platform or a third-party purchase system?

Players who play GrandChase through Epic Games Store will use the Epic Games Platform for all purchases. Players will be moved to the purchase platform from in-game shop. If the player uses other platforms to play, other purchase system will be used based on which platform is being used.