Homeworld 3 - Soundtrack

Ritorna Paul Ruskay con un altro iconico paesaggio sonoro per Homeworld 3.

Homeworld 3 - Soundtrack

Ritorna Paul Ruskay con un altro iconico paesaggio sonoro per Homeworld 3. Ascoltalo in ripetizione mentre ti addentri, studi o conquisti la galassia conosciuta nella vita di tutti i giorni.

Valutazioni e recensioni di Homeworld 3

PC Gamer
di Fraser Brown
77 / 100
Homeworld 3 takes some big swings, but while it's a very good RTS, it never quite comes together in the same way as its predecessors.
di Dan Stapleton
8 / 10
Homeworld 3's single-player campaign brings the series' epic space battles in for intense, close-quarters combat on visually diverse maps full of enormous obstacles to plan around. At the same time, it delivers an unexpectedly personal story that leans a little too heavily on the cliche of a new-generation protagonist seeking out the old.
Game Rant
di Max Borman
Overall, Homeworld 3 feels like a great return to form for this iconic RTS franchise. Diehard fans will love experiencing what comes next in this turbulent galaxy, while newcomers can use this as the perfect way to jump into the series for the first time. And even though some of the controls can be unintuitive and the camera needs a bit of work, the battles seem to be as exciting as ever. It really feels like Blackbird Interactive understood just what makes Homeworld and the RTS genre tick here, so hopefully there are plenty more adventures in store for the future.
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