Can I earn money playing Meta NANOs?

The goal of Meta NANOs: Rumble Race is not to earn money - it's to have fun.
That said, the Rumble Mode allows you to play against other players competitively. In this mode, you can win (but also lose!) MATIC.

Which rewards can I win?

In the weekly leaderboard, you can win cool NFT rewards that are mainly cosmetic in nature. They don't provide any gameplay advantages.
In addition, sometimes there are other prizes in the leaderboard, too (like cryptocurrencies).

Can I win something even if I don't want to pay anything?

When using Meta NANOs free-to-play, you can still enter the weekly leaderboard that provides some very cool rewards.
However, only if you pay into a prize pot, you can also win a part of this pot.

How is blockchain and NFT technology used in Meta NANOs: Rumble Race?

While it is entirely possible to play Rumble Race without ever coming in contact with blockchain technology, there are some areas where it plays some role.
If you want to access this blockchain related content, you will have to connect a Polygon wallet to your account.
  • Your NANOs themselves are NFTs. NANOs are the core of the NANOverse. They are cool, they are strong - and they are unique. There will only ever be 22222 NANOs, and your NANO belongs to you.
  • Many of the cosmetics are NFTs as well. For example, a player banner or a boost particle effect for your NANO can be won as a reward in the weekly leaderboard, and these cosmetics are also NFTs.
  • In Rumbles, you play against other players for MATIC.

What utility does the blockchain bring to Meta NANOs: Rumble Race?

We strongly believe that gaming is more exciting if you really own unique stuff. Using NFTs, we can really ensure that you - and only you - own a specific NANO. And it's yours. You can do with it whatever you like.
This is a strong personal touch that other games won't be able to provide - the thrill of leading your unique NANO to victory.

Does Meta NANOs: Rumble Race require me to connect an external wallet? Which wallets are supported?

It is entirely possible to play Meta NANOs: Rumble Race without connecting a wallet. We give you "Free-to-Play" NANOs that you can use to play the full game. You just won't have the thrill of playing with your own NANO, and you won't be able to win reward NFTs.
If you want to have the full game experience, you should connect your Polygon wallet. We suggest using MetaMask.

Can I use Meta NANOs: Rumble Race without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

Yes. That is entirely possible. Some content (like NANOs, cosmetics or game modes) might be unavailable, though. That doesn't mean that playing without a connected wallet wouldn't be fun, though.

Does Meta NANOs: Rumble Race have a marketplace? What can I do with the things that I earn?

We don't have our own marketplace. If you want to trade your NANO NFTs, you could use a marketplace like
NANO NFTs can be minted on our web page.

What determines if I win or lose?

In a single race, the following factors determine the winner:
  • Your NANO. A stronger NANO will have a higher chance of winning.
  • Your skill as a player. Knowing the tactics of the game and your way around the different skills and abilities really helps.
  • Luck. You can't influence which items you get, so luck plays some role.
Over the longer time periods (like a full Rumble or a whole weekly leaderboard), it mostly comes down to:
  • How much you can play.
  • How well you play.
  • How good your NANO is.

What chain does Meta NANOs: Rumble Race use?

Meta NANOs: Rumble Race doesn't have its own chain or its own cryptocurrency, but uses the Polygon chain instead. You can find more information about Polygon here:

Does Meta NANOs: Rumble Race have its own cryptocurrency or DAO token?

No. Meta NANOs does not use any DAO tokens or its own cryptocurrency. Instead, it just uses native MATIC on Polygon and NFTs (also on the Polygon chain).