Pacific Drive: Official Game Soundtrack

Tuffati nel misterioso panorama sonoro della Penisola Olimpica con "Pacific Drive: Official Game Soundtrack", che include 15 brani composti da Wilbert Roget, II!

Valutazioni e recensioni di Pacific Drive

PC Gamer
di Christopher Livingston
86 / 100
A novel and challenging survival game that puts you in the driver's seat of one the best cars in videogames.
The Jimquisition
di James Stephanie Sterling
9 / 10
Pacific Drive is one of those amazing games that I’ve fallen in love with despite it doing so much I’m inclined to loathe. It’s brilliant in its externalization of survival gameplay with a car that acts perfectly in its dual role of burden and bearer. Its humor, style, and a luxury assortment of modifier settings have kept me spellbound. I can paint my car pink. Game of the year contender.
di Chris Tapsell
4 / 5
A punishing, exhasperating slog, or an off-beat love story between driver and car, human and the Zone? Pacific Drive is both and then some.
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Requisiti di sistema di Pacific Drive



Versione SOWindows 10
Versione SOWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i5 (4 Core)
CPUIntel Core i7 o superiore
Memoria16 GB
Memoria16 GB
GPUNVIDIA RTX 2060 o superiore
Note aggiuntiveOther - minimum: Supports NVIDIA GeForce NOW, recommended: Supports NVIDIA GeForce NOW
Account di accesso obbligatori
Epic ID
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  • Audio: Inglese
  • Testo: Francese, Tedesco, Inglese, Cinese tradizionale, Cinese semplificato, Coreano, Russo, Giapponese, Spagnolo (Spagna)
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