How I get Early Access? What's Included?

Early Access is unlocked via three different paid tiers of the SHRAPNEL Extraction Pack. For more information on what’s included in each tier, visit our website. In the future, SHRAPNEL will be fully free-to-play.

When can I play for free?

The price will eventually reduce to free during the Early Access period and will stay free for the full release.

What is the current state of the game?

SHRAPNEL is still very early in development. We want the community to come along with us on the development journey of Shrapnel.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

Because we're sharing our work so early, we expect this phase to last at least a year.

How often will you be updating the game?

We will be releasing content such as new skins, weapons and abilities frequently, with larger game changes once a quarter at a minimum.

Will my progress be saved during updates?

All tokenized items that the player earns, the player will always own. In addition, we will always target keeping as much player progress as possible, but in some cases as features evolve, it’s possible that previous progression will not be compatible.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

We hope that you do! Join our Discord to provide feedback and submit bug reports. You can also submit issues via the support link on Epic Game Store.

How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in SHRAPNEL?

Our proprietary blockchain technology enables players to truly own their in-game items, skins, gear, and maps. Creators can sell their creations and other players can discover and engage with them using SHRAP, the utility token used in the game.

What utility does this bring to SHRAPNEL?

Player-created content is key to the SHRAPNEL experience. Our professional grade creator tools, built using the same engine technology we use for the game, will allow anybody to quickly get started creating their own SHRAPNEL content. Players can then publish that content, trade it in the SHRAPNEL Marketplace, and earn rewards based on its popularity. We expect that by enabling true ownership, more creators will create more content, making SHRAPNEL a more rich and diverse experience.

Does SHRAPNEL require me to connect an external wallet? What wallets does it support?

No SHRAPNEL does not require players to create or connect with any external wallets. Players create accounts using known and trusted methods such as email address, or social media account authorization. However, players are able to optionally link self-custody wallets to their SHRAPNEL account.

Can I play SHRAPNEL without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

Yes, players can play the full Shrapnel game without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency.

What chain does SHRAPNEL use? Is the chain proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

SHRAPNEL is built on an Avalanche subnet, which is a proof-of-stake chain. Proof-of-stake chains use dramatically less energy than proof-of-work.

Does SHRAPNEL have a marketplace? What can I do with the things that I earn (or purchase)?

Yes, this product has a marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game content including skins, Insignias, map creation content, and more. That content is not locked to SHRAPNEL, other developers can choose to integrate those assets into their games.

Do I have to understand blockchain?

No. While blockchain technology enables SHRAPNEL's advanced economy and item ownership for Creators, but you don't need to know or learn about Blockchain to play.

What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in your product?

Shrapnel game items available to the community via the Shrapnel marketplace will include premium weapon skins, user-created Callsigns, and user-created Insignias in advance of Early Access launch. Soon after, the Shrapnel marketplace will add new asset types, like user-created weapon skins, new Operator characters, new premium maps, and user-created maps.

Can your product be used without making any in-app purchases?

Yes. After the Early Access time period, Shrapnel will be completely free-to-play.

Are in-app purchases refundable?

Yes, if certain criteria are met and have proof.

What payment platform is used to facilitate these purchases? Do you use Epic Games’ platform or a 3rd-party (including your own) payment system?

Shrapnel's payment platform includes a bespoke low-friction front end on the Shrapnel marketplace, with a backend suite of trusted 3rd party services, including Stripe, Fireblocks, MoonPay, Xsolla, and more.