Is there a difference between the Epic version and the official version?

No. All content, including modes, operation events, and purchases, are the same and updated synchronously.

Are the Epic version and official version synced?

Character information is fully synced between platforms. Your characters, progress, resources, and purchases on iOS, Android, PC: Official, and PC: Epic will be shared between all platforms.
Cross-platform is also enabled, allowing you to play with Wanderers on other platforms in the same server.

Can my existing progress and characters in the official version be accessed on Epic?

Absolutely! Please follow the following steps if you want to use your existing progress and characters from the official version in the Epic version.
Log into the official website version with your original account and follow the instructions under "How to bind an Epic account" to bind the Epic login method in order to complete the character synchronization.
※Please note that if you haven't bound your existing account to your Epic account, registration will be completed automatically upon logging in for the first time. You will be unable to bind your existing account to your Epic account once that happens. If you need to bind an existing account, please complete the binding process before logging in.

Why can't I download Tower of Fantasy from the Epic Store, or why do I have restricted access to the server?

We regret to inform you that we may be unable to provide our services on Epic in your country or region at this time due to local regulations or platform policies. Due to the varying policies adopted by each platform, you can try using other platforms (e.g. the official PC version) to play the game.

I have the launcher and client from the official version. Do I have to re-download the game?

Yes. The launcher and client for the official and Epic versions are not interoperable. Even if you have the official version, you must download the launcher and client via the Epic Store to access the Epic version.

What are the methods available for logging into the Epic version?

Only the Epic method is supported to log into the Epic version at this time.

How to bind an Epic account?

1. Log into the launcher (official or Epic version), then click on Account Center in the top right corner.
2. Select the Bind Account tab, then click on the Bind button to the right of Epic.
3. Complete the Epic verification process and bind the account.

I have encountered an issue. How do I contact you?

You can reach out to us via the following official channels:
1. Customer Service Email: [email protected]
2. Customer Service: You can contact our customer service representatives via Settings - Customer Service in-game, or using the Customer Service Feedback option at the top right corner of the PC launcher.