This FAQ contains questions related to in-app purchases.

Q1. What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in your product?

ToF offers a variety of tiers of virtual currency (Tanium) for sale in the in-game store. These can be used to purchase a variety of character development packages, cosmetic items, and battle passes etc in the in-game store, enhancing your overall gaming experience.
The examples of some in-app purchase items we offer are as follows:
  • 60 Tanium
  • 300 Tanium
  • 980 Tanium
  • 1980 Tanium
  • 3280 Tanium
  • 6480 Tanium
  • Rookie Supplies
  • Advanced Pass

Q2. Can your product be used without making any in-app purchases?

ToF does not require players to purchase any content to play. All purchases are optional.

Q3. Are in-app purchases refundable?

Due to the unique nature of the products and some technical reasons, the in-app purchases currently offered by ToF are temporarily non-refundable.

Q4. What payment platform is used to facilitate these purchases?

Currently, all in-app purchases in ToF utilizes the Epic Games payment platform. When you click to purchase an item in the in-game store, you will be directed to the platform's storefront to complete the purchase.