MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition

Pilots aren't robots, they need rest. Now your pilots insist on resting after days of taxing combat in the field. Warning: you may need more Pilots in your company, especially for multi-missions.






このMODにはゲーム『MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition』が必要です。

330's Pilot Fatigue

Your pilots are taxed. Combat has taken a heavy toll.
Now they need to rest up after their mission.
20 days in the field under the pressures of combat is enough to break anyone.
Let them have the rest the deserve!

V1.0: Fatigued


This mod introduces pilot fatigue into the game.

Now pilots will become tired post mission and request some R&R via the RESTING status.

The amount of time out is random, but not unbearable. Somewhere between 2 days and 2 weeks.

Injury recovery time is now calculated slightly differently.
Instead for 56-81 days, pilot's injuries will now take between 2 and 3 months to heal. (60-90 days)

Warning: Multi-missions do not let you advance time.
This means you may want to have a few more pilots on-hand to ensure your company is always in fighting force!

V2.2: Bruised

New Pilot status of BRUISED.

Injured pilots - have serious wounds and are out for greater than 60 days

Bruised pilots - have minor wounds from taking structural damage in battle (see below)

Fatigued pilots - have become exhausted and need time to recover.

Healthy pilots - are ready for battle.

Dead pilots - need no explanation.

Pilots heal over time. Their status changes from INCAPACITATED > IMPAIRED > RESTING > HEALTHY

If a pilot has an injury you can mouse over the status in the deployment screen to find out why

V2.1: Injuries

Injury calculations have been further modified:

2x % of damage to internal structure determines % chance of injury will occur, with recovery time of 15-30 days.

Destruction of Side torsos and Ammo explosions will cause injury 80% of the time with recovery time of 60-90 days.

% of total damage to the Head of your mech (armor and struct) is the % chance injury will occur with recovery time of 67-104 days.

Mech destruction via being cored or legged will cause injury 100% of the time with recovery of 74-118 days.


If a mech loses a side torso or has ammo explode and does not receive a critical injury from it, then the pilot may still get a small injury from the loss of internal structure.

Due to the structural damage calculations, you may want to have a few more points of back armor to reduce those pesky scrapes and bruises your pilots will get. (still testing for balance)

Due to armor factoring into the chance of injury by headshot, more head armor means less likely to take injury if shot in the face.

Requiring 2x more pilots means 50% less time with each pilot. For this reason, XP gain is 2x.