MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition

1.3: Nights are actually dark, weather is now realistically harsh (extreme snow is a blizzard), and the ridiculously fast cloud speed is slowed down. More time of day options added to some biomes. This mod is compatible with nearly all known mods.
My Team MFX Raining Fire
このMODにはゲーム『MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition』が必要です。


This mod gives you a reason to pay attention to your contract details before accepting a mission. Do you hate a specific atmosphere, weather type, or time of day? Then make sure to avoid those when choosing which missions to accept.

Reviews of the Mod

Phil of NGNG has uploaded a mod review of version 1.1. You can watch it here:
. Another review is here:

Nexus Mod Page

This mod can also be found on Nexus Mods:

1.3 Update

A tiny texture issue was fixed.

1.2 Update

More time-of-day options added to some biomes. Volcanic now has all time-of-day options available and the night option has been added to the iron oxide and sulfurous biomes.

1.1 Update

The mod has been updated to make night much darker. The vanilla game has a high skylight setting and exposure for night on all biomes. These settings were turned down to get a more realistic light level. Night vision helps tremendously.

Mod Information

Huge realism boost. Compatible with nearly all mods. As seen in images, the weather and night light levels are much more realistic. There are no sensor effects since that conflicts with other popular mods. Night vision is hugely useful now.


Simply download the files and place the folder into the MW5Mercs/Mods folder where you have the game installed. You can select the mod from
the "Mods" menu in MW5.