MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition

Replaces the AI of the enemy mechs with AI that will use JJ and use weapon range to determine behavior. Also has specialty behavior using alphastrike roles. Further also changes the lancemate behavior so they will tend to stay on target and in formation.
My Team Oraeon1224
このMODにはゲーム『MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition』が必要です。

TTRulez AI Mod2

New version of TTRulezAIMod. Completely replaced the PGI system including targeting system. Now fully creates lances and roles according to alphastrike. AI can now compare its range to targets range for engagement behavior. Jumpjets avoid hitting buildings or getting stuck. Lancemates will stay on location, stay in formation (unless skirmishers or scouts which will range a little ahead) and support mechs will move to high locations near lead. AI now shares targets for less missile locks. Scout mechs in particular improve all friendly missileboats.


Mech roles determine behavior. You can set roles in the mechlab using MercTech or YAML, in vanilla roles are set by the mech chassis:
Ambusher: For city fighting. Will move in and out of buildings using JJ. Once seen by the enemy will retreat out of sight.
Scout: Locate enemies and engage vehicles. Will tend to aggressively kill vehicles first, if in formation will move to kill them if they come within 200m of the player
Striker: Short range weapons (SRM) but fast mechs. Will use player to flank the targeted enemy and make them choose one to face

Roles (2)

Brawler: Actually means long range equipped slower mechs. Will move to maintain optimum range and engage.\
Skirmisher: Faster long range mechs. If targeting a slow mech, will move to engage then fall back to heavier allies. Distracting and drawing in the enemy. If fighting a lighter enemy will aggressively try to kill. If following will engage light mechs or fast mediums that come within 200m of the player.
Juggernaut: Slow heavily armed mechs. Will move directly to a target. Need support.
Missileboat/Antiaircraft: If in formation target vehicles. Otherwise maintain engagement range

Roles (3)

Firesupport/Snipers: Long range lighter armored enemies. If following support the leads targeting on heavier targets. If attacking will maintain optimal firing range.

1.9b Coyote bugfix

Fixes the crash with JJ mechs uncovered by coyote mod usage.