MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition

Give your mech the Deadpool treatment: Adds 3 tiers of HarJel equipment which self-repair armor in the installed location after taking damage.
truegerich's Organization
このMODにはゲーム『MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition』が必要です。

HarJel I, II, III

Self-Repair systems. Upon taking damage they will repair armor and structure in their install location for a certain amount of time. Also they add a 1.1. armor multiplier to their install location. Install a total of 7 HarJel systems to make the entire mech self-repair. Different HarJel tiers cannot be combined, also they cannot be installed in the head (lore forbids it!).

Patchwork T1 - T3

provide a small amount of weight in exchange for some slots. Because Patchwork is awesome.

Modular Armor Mk1 - Mk4

Armor upgrades which add a fixed amount of armor to their installation location. Variants for rear armor are included.

Black Carapace

Find it, cower in its presence.

Advanced Targetting Computers

TC upgrades which weigh a ton but add considerable upgrades for different weapon systems.

Additional Armor and Structure upgrades

Composite Structure - Half weight but also half the structure points
Endo-Composite Structure - 0.75 of the weight but with some bulk
Heavy Ferro Armor - 24% more armor for 21 dynamic fillers