Why Early Access?

We want your support and feedback! and we want to share our work with you so we can continue development with your support and feedback in mind.
The game has undergone 140+ iterative public builds on other platforms. We have taken into consideration people's suggestions and ideas which they have shared over Discord and Reddit.
And we believe it is now ready for Epic Games Early Access. We have completed 1.5 Years of development as of Aug'23.
Please refer to "Overview" section for features already available in Early Access.
How often do we update the game?
Updates to the game have been happening at least once or twice per week,
But sometimes a big update takes 2-3 weeks.
Team Scale
Currently the team consists one gamedev, and friends made making/sharing the game.
We plan to increase the core team as our community size increases. We will be looking for Streamers, Community Managers, Artists, Level Designers etc.
Our goal for the game is to last longer than 2 years, we would try our best for it to not disappear from internet in 2 years.
We want to setup a self sustaining community around it.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

3-6 Months

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

Please refer to "Overview" section for features already available in Early Access.
Whats pending for 1.0 "Release"? 
  • Automated Custom Track, Custom Spaceship Review. Currently we manually review each and every track and ship submissions to ensure they are good enough to play.
  • Self hosted game servers. We have a rough idea what needs to be done, But community feedback for expected features is needed.
  • Spaceship Skin Submission. Currently this process is manual and needs out of game communication with us. We plan to streamline this. Also a set up an automated review process for the same.
  • Improved art/graphics/sounds
Since the game will be in early access we might need to reset the scores in case we discover score integrity issues. We had done this once already so we do not expect to do it again.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Please refer to "Overview" section for features already available in Early Access.
Core game loop is finished. Quality of Life fixes and motivational improvements are being done. Art might change. Some new functionalities might be added depending on requirements and suggestions from players feedback.
Depending upon the community demand we might even make the core game servers self hostable.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Ideas and suggestions from the community will taken under consideration as the early access progresses.
Suggestions/Ideas feedback can be submitted in Discord Server
E.g. of suggestions already implemented: (Ordered from latest to oldest)
  • Skillpoints based champions leaderboards - Dec 21 2022
  • Chat in Realtime multiplayer - Dec 14 2022
  • Pre-Race Leaderboards - Dec 5 2022
  • Draw A Track from Advanced Track Editor, changes the start position to allow painting a track from some different position - Dec 5 2022
  • Shipyard has a delete button - Dec 5 2022
  • Volume Control for each audio type - Sept 24, 2022
  • Track Filtering - Aug 22, 2022
  • ...