Battle Leet

Dive into Battle Leet - a 3D PvP arena where skill & strategy reign. Customize your Leet, earn rewards, and dominate in NFT-fueled battles. Be the ultimate gamer in this digital showdown.



プレイヤーの方は、暗号通貨やデジタル資産を購入する前に、必ずご自身で調査してください。サードパーティのマーケットプレイスを通じたプレイヤーの購入は自己責任で行われるものであり、Epic Gamesは、いかなる暗号通貨やデジタル資産の購入または販売も奨励していません。


Battle Leet: Arena Domination

Welcome to the ultimate cyber arena! Dive into a digital dimension where Battle Leets clash in intense 3D PvP combat, testing both your skills and strategy.
Enter the Arena!
In Battle Leet, every fight is a chance to prove your prowess. Win rounds to earn epic loot and $GMR. Dominate enough opponents, and you'll collect rare Parts for ultimate supremacy.
Become the Engineer
Got Parts? Head to the Assembly. Here, you decide the fate of your Battle Leet. Customize, upgrade, and fine-tune your battle machine to perfection. Then, unleash it in the arena or flex your creation's value in the NFT Hub.
Unleash the Power of NFT
Own a Non-Fungible Leet? Congratulations, 1337 gamer! Your Leet gains boosted abilities in the arena, giving you an edge over the competition. Plus, you'll unlock exclusive Play2Earn and Play2Create benefits.
No NFT? No Problem!
Jump right into the action. Purchase a Battle Leet, and gear it up with rad Asset Packs from the GMR Center. Or, show off your skills and win some in the arena.
Battle Droids: Your Ultimate Ally
Feeling outnumbered? Pair your Leet with a Battle Droid, an AI-driven NFT companion. Each droid has unique abilities, ready to back you up in the fiercest of battles.
Unlimited Arena Action
Whether you're a Battle Leet or a Non-Fungible Leet, enjoy unrestricted combat in the arena. Compete for glory, progression, and top spots on the leaderboard. Ready to take things to the next level? "Immortalize" your Battle Leet through our epic dapp and unlock those Play2Earn and Play2Create powers.


3D PvP battles? Check. Ultimate customization? Check. NFT-powered gameplay and rewards? Double-check. Get ready to own the arena and speak in the language of L337.