Card Upgrades

Winning battles, your Cards receive experience and become stronger. Don't forget to increase a Card's rank when it gains enough experience.
Level Up
With each level your Card's attack and health increases.
Help you Card go from Novice to Elite and unlock all of the full power of its ability.
Rank Up
Every five levels your Card can increase its mastery rank.
Hint Indicators
Watch the symbols appearing on the map, they will tell you when it's time to upgrade your Card.
Elemental stones
Amulets inserted into a card directly affect your creature's battle skills, making it resilient, deadly, or agile. To improve amulets and increase your card's rank, you need elemental stones. They can be obtained in the process of developing your Castle.


After level 14 you gain the ability to send a party to the Catacombs for elemental stones. Gather a squad of adventurers and explore the tombs of ancient kings. Fight other players in the darkness of dungeons and steal their loot.
Expedition launch
Depending on the level of the Catacombs, you can send from one to three simultaneous expeditions. An expedition of level 2 and 3 allows your squad to go even deeper and collect even more elemental stones. You need to assemble a separate squad for each expedition.
Choose 10 cards and send them to the dungeons to look for treasures. The deck strength should match the value specified in the Catacombs info if you want to collect 100% of elemental stones. If the deck strength is significantly lower, you will collect less resources.
Elemental stones
Right after the expedition launch, your squad will descend to the dungeon where it can attack other players and take their elemental stones to fill your sack until the expedition is over. If the strength of the deck is lower than that in the Catacombs info, there will be fewer elemental stones for each battle.
While the expedition timer is active, you can spend attempts on attacking other players and stealing their elemental stones. Each attempt has recovery time. When your sack is 100% full with elemental stones, your squad will automatically begin the return to the city.
Now the elemental stones that you have collected can be attacked and stolen by other players. You can speed up your squad for crystals or wait until the timer is done. If your squad gets attacked, they can bring back not less than 50% of the sack.


Upon reaching level 7, you can create your own clan or join any clan you find suitable. In addition to communication and help with the game, you will be able to participate in Clan Wars, get access to special Chests, earn a unique title, and much more.
Clan setup
The clan name can't be changed after the clan is created, by you can change the clan type. Open - applications are accepted automatically if an applicant's rating is not lower than required and if there are empty slots for new members. Closed - the Supreme Mage and their assistants decide whether to accept new members or not. The entry rating determines the minimum number of PvP rating trophies, and the location helps players clearly indicate the main communication language in their clan.
Earn the best Title
The clan founder is appointed the Supreme Mage by default, and later this player can distribute titles among clan members. Each title gives its holder a special bonus, and some title holders assist the clan leader in management tasks.
Make contributions
You can make contributions to clan titles to increase their level and the bonus that they give to all members. For each contribution, you get loyalty points, and each new level of a title provides extra clan development points.
Accumulate Loyalty Points
You can earn loyalty points by actively participating in clan life: answer to clan requests every day, make contributions to upgrade the clan castle, as well as take part in clan events, for example, Clan Wars. The loyalty points can be used to open the Clan Chest and get rare leader cards, crystals and valuable resources for deck development.
Clan requests
Receive free Fragments and Amulet Tokens and help others.
Experience, rating, and development level
The experience affects the position of the clan in the TOP 100. It is a combination of the clan rating and development level. The better your clan is developed, and the more often it wins Clan Wars, the more experience it has. The development level grows with every levelup of clan towers, and the clan rating is earned in clan events.
Leagues and Clan Wars
Leagues determine the number of clan members that is required for registration in the weekly Clan War. You need eight members for League 1, ten members for League 2, eleven members for League 3, twelve members for League 4, and fourteen members for the final League 5. A victory in the Clan War moves your clan to a higher league, up to League 5, and a defeat makes your clan move down to a lower league, but not lower than League 1.
Transfer of clan leadership
To transfer the title of the Supreme Mage to another clan member, the current leader needs to click the button of leaving the clan. After that, the process of choosing a new leader will start. After transferring the leadership, the former head of the clan gets the title of the Servant and can either stay in the clan of press the button again and leave it for good. If a clan leader has not entered the game for a very long time, the new leader will be appointed automatically (chosen from the most active counselors). If they haven't entered the game for a long time as well, then the most active player will be appointed as the clan leader.
Clan tasks
Clan tasks are daily achievements that the entire clan needs to make. Each member's personal progress becomes their contribution to a clan task. A task shall be deemed complete when the clan progress bar reaches 100%. The reward can be claimed once the timer expires. After that, new clan tasks will appear. The weekly progress is the aggregation of tasks completed during the week. When the weekly progress bar reaches 100%, everyone who participated in clan tasks will get the number of chest keys that they have earned.

Clan Wars

Six clans participate in the tournament to determine the best of them by right of the strongest. Every day your clan clashes with one of the others until you have met each clan in battle. At the end of the fifth day, the winning clan is determined and all-tournament participants receive their well-deserved rewards.To take part in the tournament, you need to have the minimum required number of clan members. It depends on the League level: you need eight members for fighting in League 1, ten members for League 2, eleven members for League 3, twelve members for League 4, and fourteen members for the final League 5.
Nonlinear Walkthrough
Choose the opponents according to your strength but try to get to the enemy's Archmage!
Earn Glory Points
The stronger the defeated opponent, the more Glory Points you will bring to your clan and the better rewards you will receive after the Clan War ends. The scoring model is based on an equal number of clan members. If one clan participating in a Clan War has 10 players, and another clan has 8 players, then the points of both clans will be calculated on the basis of 8 players. Two players from the first clan won't be taken into account, but their personal points will be necessary for receiving the final reward - chests with cards.
Lead the Clan into a New League
The higher the league, the tougher the opponents and the better the rewards your clan will receive for participating in the tournament.
Card Modifiers
Every player participating in the tournament receives bonuses and anti-bonuses according to the characteristics of some of their cards – use this knowledge!
Defense Deck
Tune your deck in accordance to your modifiers and help defend your clan.


In battle, you have to oppose an opponent's deck, which consists of 5 cards. For a successful battle, you need to pay attention to the features of the cards, such as the color of the elements, rarity, ability and characteristics. The battle is won if three of your cards are victorious. The more cards win in a battle, the more rewards you can get. And for a complete victory, you will have the opportunity to receive an additional reward in the roulette.
Each card has its own element, which is displayed as an icon in its lower right corner. There are 6 elements in total: White, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Colorless. Each element has its own sworn enemy, against which the card has a bonus - an additional 25% to the attack. Cards of the Colorless element don’t have a bonus against other elements, but such a bonus doesn’t work against the Colorless cards themselves. White element vs. Black element. Black element vs. Green element. Green element vs. Red element. Red element vs. Blue element. Blue element vs. White element.
Each card has its own type, which is displayed as an icon in its upper right corner. There are 8 types of cards in total: Human, Nonhuman, Undead, Animal, Monster, Magic, Draconid and Titan. Some cards can only work against certain types of creatures. It will be indicated in the description of an ability.
Each card has its own ability. Before sending a card into battle, you need to carefully study the conditions for triggering the ability. So, for example, some abilities can only be used against a certain type or element. Abilities can be triggered at the beginning of a battle (before the cards enter into battle with each other), at the beginning of a duel (when two cards go into battle against each other), during a battle (when the duel has already begun and the cards are attacking each other), during defense (when one card deals damage to another), etc. In addition, some abilities are triggered only once, and some of them can be used repeatedly. Each ability has a chance to trigger, and the higher it is, the more likely the card will use it in battle.
Using spells made in the Spell Orb or dropped out as a reward will help you increase the chances of a card winning in a duel. All available spells are placed on the panel on the right side of the screen. To activate the spell, click on it, and then on one of the allied or enemy cards. Spells are divided into attacking and defensive. Attacking spells are used against the enemy. Elemental Strike, Flaw, Misfortune, Weakening curse. Defensive spells enhance their own cards. Talisman, Luck, Maximum damage, Berserker, Gift of the Gods, Blood of Titans.
Card’s level and rank
The higher the level and rank of the card, the stronger it is. With each new level, the main characteristics of the card (attack and health) grow. As the rank of the card increases, the chance of triggering the ability increases too. The card gets experience for the level in a battle or during the training in the Arena. Elemental stones are required to level up. The level of the card is indicated in its upper left corner. The rank of the card is earned through victories in battle or in the Arena. The rank of the card is indicated by yellow stars at the top border of the frame. All information about the amount of experience and victories can be viewed in the tabs of the card itself.
Other bonuses
Cards in battle receive additional bonuses from the active Improved Image, which gives + 20% to attack and health. In addition, the card gains an increase in attack and health characteristics from the following combat buildings: Stadium, Combat air balloon, Spike trap. Elemental crystals give a bonus to the cards of their element. Attacking and defensive buildings give a bonus to all allied cards when defending or attacking. Information about the bonuses can be viewed in the effects panel on the left side of the screen.

Matchmaking, leagues, and factions

Your deck should comply with the gaming level and castle development to have successful defense and attack. A Deck's strength is counted by the strength of your cards in the attack deck.
Ranking Reward
Your ranking goes down by 5% every week and you get golden keys. The higher the ranking is, the bigger rewards you get!
Opponent Matching
For effective defense and successful attacks, your deck must match your game level and city development. Matchmaking is based on the strength of 10 strongest cards in your collection. After each victory, the strength of your opponents grows with your own strength, and after defeat it decreases.
Victory Ranking
Rating points are awarded based upon the power of an opponent's deck. The stronger the opponent is, the more rating points you get for a victory. Winning against a weak opponent's deck will bring you minimum points.
Stolen Resources
Up to 100% of accumulated resources can be stolen from a player's mine and up to 25% from their citadel and storages.
To avenge yourself you can take a stolen shard back, and also get the opponent's resources accumulated in mines, storages, and their citadel.
When you perform your first PvP attack, you join a league room where you compete with other players for a prize-winning place. You earn league points for the number of winning cards in a battle. When the room timer is over, you get keys as a reward, and those who take the top 3 positions will move to a higher league. All in all, there are 10 leagues. In the Diamond League, the top 3 players get the Succubus card as a reward, in the Onyx League - the Many-Faced Demon card, and in the Agate League - the Leviathan card.
"Upon reaching level 5, you can participate in a confrontation of Factions.
All players are assigned to one of three Factions and, by defeating other players in PvP, earn Glory Points for their respective Factions. At the end of the week, the Faction with most Glory Points will win and its members will gain access to the best unique Chests."
Join a Faction
Every week three random Factions compete with each other.
Defeat Other Players
Earn Glory Points for your Faction and help it win.
Accumulate Glory Points
When the confrontation is over, you will receive access to Rewards Chests.
Open Faction Chests
The higher your Faction place is, the better your chances of receiving a Unique Card Back that grants bonuses to your Cards are.
Find all the Card Backs
Acquire a complete collection of all 10 Factions' Card Backs – make your Card Deck unique.

Summoning Portal

The Summoning Portal is the basic method of acquiring new Cards. Find three Soul shards, add them to slots, and begin the Ritual. When the Ritual is over, you will receive a new Card or an upgraded Shard. The higher the levels of Shards you use, the higher the chance of getting a good Card.
Gather Resources
To perform the ritual, you need mana and soul shards. You can get the latter in the Shard Obelisk, as a reward for completed quests, in other players' castles, in chests, or in the store.
Ritual and reward
You can insert three shards into the slots for the summoning ritual. Before the ritual start, you will learn the chance of getting a card or a new soul shard. When the ritual is over, you will get a new card, a duplicate of one of the cards you already have in your deck, or an upgraded soul shards. The rarity of the summoned card depends on the rarity of the shards you use in the ritual.
The ritual is suspended
When enemies attack your castle, they know that your ritual is in progress and can try their luck at stealing one of your shards. The ritual is suspended if your shard is stolen. To renew the ritual, you have to either win back your shard or insert a new one of the same rarity and level. If you insert a shard of different rarity and level into the empty slot, the ritual will start all over again.
Soul shards
If you have obtained a new shard but there are no empty slots in the Portal inventory, the new shard will replace that with lower level or rarity - or will be dispelled if there are no weaker shards in the inventory.
Card pieces
Card pieces are obtained from various chests and rewards, for example, they can be found in island chests or in the Relic Chest. When the required number of pieces is collected, you can create a unique Uncommon card in the Portal. Later you can upgrade the rarity of this card using pieces, even up to Legendary. The higher the rarity, the better the card stats and stronger its ability effect. When such a card is dispelled, its pieces won't be returned to you.
You don't have to wait until cards fall out of the ritual. It's possible to purchase cards that are available in the Shop. The assortment is updated every day.
In the catalog, there are all cards that you can get from the Portal with the help of rituals. The cards that are already in your deck will be marked as such. If you dispel such a card, it will become available for acquisition during a ritual again.